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Why You Need a Trustworthy ITAD Provider: A SaaS Company Case Study

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We are often asked what sets apart ExIT from other ITAD companies. Our value and professionalism have never stood out as clearly as when a SaaS company hired us after endless frustration and lack of transparency from their previous ITAD partner. ExIT proved its worth and we now have a solid partnership with a new client.

The SaaS company in question is worth $80 million. When they approached us, they were fed up with their previous ITAD choice, because they felt they were cheated out of their agreement. By trusting ExIT instead, they discovered a reliable, trustworthy, and professional company they could trust for all their computer recycling needs.

How ExIT stands above other ITAD companies

Our client had a bad experience with their previous ITAD collaboration. The ITAD provider they used refused to pay the business anything for a batch of laptops they received claiming they were worthless. 

While this was frustrating, things got worse when the SaaS company asked for the return of their laptops. Shockingly, the provider refused to do so explaining that the laptops had already been sold and could thus not be returned.

That’s when the SaaS business turned to ExIT for its ITAD needs.

ExIT is your trusted and reliable ITAD partner

We have now established a successful partnership with the SaaS company in question. While working together, we have been able to demonstrate our principles and dedication to our clients in several ways.

You can trust ExIT and our financial offers

When we give a quote for an ITAD project, we stand by our offer. We quote ahead of time so our client knows the value to expect. Crucially, there are no hidden surprises. This helps our clients project their future IT purchases, as they have a clear idea of how they can upgrade their existing setup with the revenue generated by the sale of their obsolete or unused equipment.

For example, businesses leaving a company location can recycle their equipment from that site and focus their attention on upgrading their other sites for maximum work efficiency. Even better, part of the relocation cost is covered by ExIT repurposing and recycling their old IT gear. 

ExIT gives full control to businesses

We give full control to our clients and make them part of our process. ExIT quarantines any gear that is not paid for until the client signs off on it. We are not bypassing our clients and we give them the peace of mind that we are constantly working with them instead of going behind their back.

ExIT and transparency

Computer equipment often contains sensitive information and business data. ExIT follows strict erasure protocols. Our erasure transparency ensures that all your IT equipment is cleared of all data before it’s recycled and reused. 

To ensure the safety of your files and data, ExIT serializes all incoming data-bearing systems and components upon arrival. This makes it easy to follow every piece of gear and inspect its content erasure from beginning to end.

Trust ExIT for your ITAD needs

ExIT has been providing secure ITAD services for 30+ years. During this time, thousands of businesses have trusted us for their ITAD needs and keep hiring us whenever they want to recycle old IT equipment because:

  • We are reliable and professional.
  • We stand by the price quote we give our clients.
  • We have worked with businesses across industries and can recycle any type of IT equipment from any brand.
  • We work with clearly established logistical strategies and have adopted the most stringent data erasure practices for maximum safety.

Are you in need of ITAD services? We would love to hear from you and help you make money out of computer gear you are not using anymore!

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