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    The Process to Sell IT Equipment

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    Systems we Buy:


    Sell dell-emc storage


    NetApp Storage


    Sell HP/HPE storage


    IBM storage


    Sell Purestorage flash array

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    Sell Storage Systems


    We Make It Easy to Sell Storage Systems

        We provide precise asset valuations
        We cover decommissioning, packing, shipping, and transport
        We’re 3rd party audited for Data Erasure
        We are experienced with data policies across every industry
        Complete chain of custody and certification of data destruction
        Complimentary lease management/return to leasor
        Effective remarketing for a bigger check
        Flexible project managers to meet your needs
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    Everything you need to sell storage systems in one place

    Sell Storage Systems

    exIT Technologies Is a Trusted Provider for Leading Businesses

    We’ve worked with Fortune 500s like Microsoft and Government agencies like the DoD. Mistakes are not an option with the top organizations. As a result, we adhere to strict data security and disposition methods and ensure an ironclad chain of custody. With exIT, you get compliance, efficiency, and security. Don’t hesitate to ask for references.
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    process to sell flash arrays and SANs

    Sell Your Storage Systems Without a Hitch

    Be the guy with a rock-solid plan. Wishy-washy hard drive disposal can come back on you big time, and the process to pull storage hardware out of a data center is no small task.

    Get the checklist and guide to hardware decommissioning so you can avoid the most common pitfalls.

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    Be Free of Your Storage Hardware and Headaches

    Headaches selling storage systems
    got paid for storage array network

    Drives are heavy. Let us handle the heavy lifting. We’ll protect your data and get you the best price while we’re at it.

    We know storage systems can be a hassle. If any of your important data leaks, you’ve got a PR nightmare. Not only that, but these systems are easily damaged in shipping and depreciate fast.

    If you want to avoid labor costs, damaged assets, or data leaks, exIT Technologies is the answer to your problems.

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