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Do you need to sell HP Equipment such as switches, servers, RAM, or processors?

We will buy it and provide free shipping, packaging or on-site decommissioning.

Simply fill out the form to the right and get a free purchase quote!

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    Sell New or Used HP Equipment Online

    Here at exIT Technologies, we make it a breeze to sell your HP hardware online – be it used or new. With our three decades of industry-specific experience, the process is now easier than ever before! All you need to do is fill out the form with details about what type of equipment you have available to sell and that’s all – let us take care of everything else. We offer personalized packaging materials designed exactly for each piece in your pre-owned HP inventory as well as supply prepaid shipping labels so the only thing left for you worry about is how much money will get when selling either used or new HP hardware to exIT!

    exIT Technologies has revolutionized the process of selling your HP hardware with a user-friendly, efficient online system. Now you can say goodbye to unneeded tech while making extra money and freeing up office or data center space. The mutually beneficial HP trade-in program makes it easier for both parties – we handle all logistics so that your equipment arrives in perfect condition at its destination, while you get paid fast!

    With more than 30 years of experience in buying HP hardware, we are the experts you can turn to for liquidating bulk inventories quickly. Take advantage of our customer-focused services and get started right away by completing the form below! We specialize in purchasing used HP servers, RAM and other IT equipment – don’t miss out on this opportunity!

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    The Process To Sell HP Equipment

    Selling New or Used HP Equipment Is As Easy As:

    Fill out the form with information about your hardware

    Receive free custom packaging materials tailored to your used HP hardware

    We mail you pre-paid shipping labels and arrange for a pickup!

    Get paid in no time once your equipment is received and verified!


    Let exIT Technologies take the hassle out of selling your HP hardware. Begin today to declutter your data center and start earning money! Our team is here for you if there are any questions or issues that arise. We’re excited to help you get the most value from your new or used HP IT equipment investment.

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    HP Equipment We Buy

    If you have any HP equipment, such as routers and switches, RAMs, servers or processors – be it new or used – we are interested in purchasing them. With the help of our pre-paid shipping labels paired with tailored packaging materials, your beloved products will remain safe during their journey to us. Therefore don’t hesitate; sell HP equipment today for a prompt compensation!

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    We Buy HP Switches

    Let us help you get the most out of your used HP switches. Our streamlined process and 30+ years of experience make it easy to sell your HP switch online. We also offer free packaging materials and pre-paid shipping labels, so all you need to do is fill out the form and leave the rest to us.

    • J9856A 
    • J9855A 
    • J9854A 
    • J9853A
    • J9145A 
    • J9147A 
    • J9146A 
    • J9148A
    • J9145A
    • J9008A
    • J9726A 
    • J9728A 
    • J9727A 
    • J9729A 
    • J9836A
    • JL253A 
    • JL254A 
    • JL255A 
    • JL256A 
    • JL258A 
    • JL263A 
    • JL264A 
    • JL259A 
    • JL260A 
    • JL261A 
    • JL262A
    • J8692A 
    • J8693A 
    • J9310A 
    • J9311A
    • J9312A
    • J9575A 
    • J9576A 
    • J9573A 
    • J9574A 
    • J9584A
    • JL071A
    • JL072A
    • JL073A
    • JL074A
    • JL075A 
    • JL076A
    • J9309A
    • J9538A
    • J9548A
    • J9536A
    • J9538A
    • J9548A
    • J9536A
    • J9990A
    • J9993A


    We Buy HP Servers

    Let us help you get the most out of your new or used HP servers. Our streamlined process and 30+ years of experience make it easy to sell your HP server online. We also offer free packaging materials and pre-paid shipping labels, so all you need to do is fill out the form and leave the rest to us.

    • ProLiant ML110
    • ProLiant ML350
    • ProLiant DL360
    • ProLiant DL380
    • ProLiant DL380p
    • ProLiant DL380e
    • ProLiant DL560
    • ProLiant DL580 Gen10
    • ProLiant BL460c Gen10
    • ProLiant WS460c Gen9
    • ProLiant BL660c Gen9
    • ProLiant BL460c Gen9-cg
    • ProLiant DL380 Gen9-cg
    • ProLiant ML10 Gen9
    • ProLiant ML30 Gen9
    • ProLiant ML110 Gen9
    • ProLiant ML150 Gen9
    • ProLiant DL20 Gen9
    • ProLiant DL60 Gen9
    • ProLiant DL80 Gen9
    • ProLiant DL120 Gen9
    • ProLiant DL160 Gen9
    • ProLiant DL180 Gen9
    • ProLiant ML350 Gen9
    • ProLiant DL360 Gen9
    • ProLiant DL560 Gen9
    • ProLiant DL380 Gen9
    • ProLiant XL260a Gen9 Server
    • ProLiant XL230a Gen9 Server
    • ProLiant XL250a Gen9 Server
    • ProLiant DL580 Gen9
    • ProLiant ML310e Gen8 v2
    • ProLiant ML350e Gen8
    • ProLiant ML350p Gen8
    • ProLiant DL320e Gen8 v2
    • ProLiant DL360e Gen8
    • ProLiant DL380e Gen8
    • ProLiant DL360p Gen8
    • ProLiant DL380p Gen8
    • ProLiant DL560 Gen8
    • ProLiant DL580 Gen8
    • ProLiant DL385p Gen8


    We Buy HP RAM

    Make the most out of your used HP RAM with exIT Technologies! We accept new and recent-generation used HP RAM, so you can quickly and effortlessly convert it into cash.

    • P00928‐B21
    • P00928‐H21
    • P00928‐K21
    • P03055‐091
    • P06191‐001
    • P11040‐B21
    • P11040‐H21
    • P11040‐K21
    • P11057‐0A1
    • P11057‐1A1
    • P12404‐B21
    • P19047‐B21
    • Q7D83A
    • 1XD88AA
    • 1XD88AT
    • 815102‐B21
    • 815102‐H21
    • 815102‐K21
    • 809086‐091
    • 809208‐B21
    • 819415‐001
    • T9V43AA
    • P07652‐B21
    • P07640‐B21
    • P07640‐H21
    • P07640‐K21
    • P07642‐B21
    • P07642‐H21
    • 850882‐001
    • P07650‐B21
    • P07650‐H21
    • P07650‐K21
    • P06033‐B21
    • P07646‐B21
    • P07646‐H21
    • P07646‐K21
    • P00930‐B21
    • P00930‐H21
    • P00930‐K21
    • P03053‐0A1
    • P03053‐1A1
    • P03053‐CA1
    • P06192‐001
    • P14492‐B21
    • P14636‐001
    • P19045‐B21
    • P19045‐H21
    • P19045‐K21
    • AM388A
    • AT110A
    • AM363A


    We Buy HP Routers

    Unlock untapped profit from your HP routers with exIT Technologies! We accept certain generations of used and new HP Routers, so you can be sure that we’ll compensate for the maximum value for your equipment.

    • Series A-MSR50 HP routers
    • Series A-MSR30 HP routers
    • Series A-MSR20 HP routers
    • Series A-MSR20-1X HP routers
    • Series A-MSR900 HP routers
    • Series A8800 HP routers
    • Series A6600 HP routers


    We Buy HP Processors & CPUs

    Maximize your earnings on HP processors with us! We accept both used and new generations of HP Processors so you can be confident that we will reimburse the highest value for your hardware.

    • 801271-L21
    • SR30Y
    • P07351-B21
    • P02986-L21
    • P05704-B21
    • P05704-L21
    • P10953-L21
    • P02649-B21
    • P02649-L21
    • P02517-B21
    • P02517-L21


    We Buy HP HDD & SSDs

    Maximize the worth of your used HP Hard Drives and Solid State Drives with exIT Technologies. We accept new and recent-generation used HP HDD & SSDs, so you can quickly monetize it without any hassle.

    Here are some of the types of HP Drives that we purchase:

    • MK0120EAVDT
    • 539557-010
    • 570774-002
    • 586657-001
    • 570774-002
    • 539557-010
    • 572253-001
    • MK0120EAVDT
    • 665055-001
    • MK1059GSMP
    • 9YZ164-087
    • 684180-001
    • ST1000NM0011
    • ST31000524NS
    • 9JW154-501
    • 5697-1217
    • SMSKP0001TBAT07K
    • ST100DM003
    • 1ER162-020
    • 779802-001
    • 662621-005


    Why Sell Dell Equipment To exIT Technologies?

    At exIT Technologies, we make it easy to sell both new and used HP hardware. Our team is here to help you quickly turn your equipment into cash with ease! We’ll provide you with appropriate packaging materials tailored for your preowned HP gear as well as prepaid shipping labels – so the only thing left for you to do is count up how much money you’re making!

    It’s time to start earning! Quickly fill out the form below and begin profiting from your HP equipment right away. Let us assist you in gaining maximum returns on investment while clearing up space in your office or data center. We’re thrilled to aid you as you turn used HP hardware into money-making possibilities!

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    Sell IT Equipment


    FAQs About Selling HP Equipment

    How do you sell your used HP equipment?

    To sell your used HP equipment, simply fill out the form on this page. We will provide you with free custom packaging materials tailored to your specific HP equipment needs.

    What is the purchasing minimum for HP equipment?

    When purchasing HP equipment, we like to stick to a minimum of $1000 in product value. If you are unsure of the value of your HP equipment, get in touch with us today for a free quote!

    How can you protect my HP equipment in transit?

    We provide free custom packaging materials tailored to your HP equipment in order to protect it while being shipped.

    Where do you sell HP equipment?

    We sell HP equipment all over the world. We have established trusted relationships with buyers in a variety of countries, so you can be sure to get the best return on your investment.

    How long will it take to receive payment?

    Once we have received and verified your HP equipment, payment will be processed almost instantly.

    What determines the value of your HP equipment?

    The value of your HP equipment is determined by a variety of factors, including market demand and the overall condition of the hardware. Our team of experts will work with you to determine the optimal price for your equipment.

    What kinds of HP equipment do we buy?

    We buy all types of HP equipment, including RAM, switches, firewalls, servers, processors and more.