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Custom Electronic Recycling and E-Waste Services

R2 Certified and Guaranteed Compliant

Our Electronic Recycling Services Get You a Check, Not a Bill

We offer R2 certified electronic recycling services for data center hardware.

You have E-waste, let us E-cycle it for you! Whether you only need to recycle apple computers or you have a wide range of hardware, we can provide the electronic recycling management you need.

How Our Electronic Recycling Services Work

The main factors to consider when choosing between data center decommissioning companies are:

R2 Certified Colocation Services

Our colocation services are R2 certified to provide 100% compliant data erasure, electronic recycling, and asset disposal. No worries about environmental compliance violations. Rest easy knowing that your company is doing its due diligence to maintain our environment by responsibly disposing of its colocation assets.

Battle Tested Colocation Services

Colocations haven’t been around forever, but rest easy knowing that our years of experience providing ITAD services to data centers will carry over to your colocation services needs. We have stood the test of time as the ITAD vendor of choice for fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and other highly sensitive material.

Onsite ITAD Colocation Services

We come to you! We provide onsite, scalable drive erasure. Our colo services can even wipe your drives before they leave the rack! We can handle the palletizing and the physical decommission itself. All you have to do is open the door and we’ll take care of the rest and leave you with a check in hand for choosing our colocation services!

Where Does Your E-Waste Downstream Go?

What do we do with your e-Scrap? Memory, processors, hard drives, and circuit boards have gold value, so computer recycling aims to recoup that value. The parts are shredded and separated for gold using magnets. The non-waste products are rendered non-toxic and properly disposed of. The gold is melted down and reused.

Other whole systems and parts, like printers and peripherals, are sent to demanufacturing facilities. The items are disassembled, and the resulting pieces are sorted and shredded for processing for smelting and reuse. Our downstream vendors have the appropriate state and EPA licenses for shredding, processing and smelting. Those include air, water, and ground pollution controls.

How Do We Ensure Environmental Compliance?

Our downstream vendors have the appropriate state and EPA licenses for shredding, processing and smelting. Those include air, water, and ground pollution controls.

E-waste contains various pollutants that must be contained. Certain products must not be exposed to rain for fear the runoff will contaminate ground or water. Air emissions from smelting operations are regulated such that necessary filters catch any regulated particulates, and stacks are high enough to emit into the upper atmosphere sparing the local area.

We make it easy to be environmentally responsible in your electronic waste recycling efforts. Feel free to ask for our downstream records of where your non-viable IT ends up. Or you could always schedule an onsite audit or our facility (Or just show up, we’re always ready!).

How exIT Puts You and Your Business First

Instead of a “charge for service” business model, exIT Technologies offers you a “pay for product” business model. Not the standard “nickel and dime” payment, but a fair price. Not only that, but for valuable equipment we can come to you and take everything out ourselves and then pay you for it! You don’t even have to lift a finger before you get a check in the mail to spend on new equipment or whatever your corporation needs.


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If any of your equipment is still valuable, we’ll compensate you for it early in our computer, server, or laptop recycling process. If your hardware is only valuable as commodities scrap, we’ll separate the e-waste from the commodities portions, and dispose of the e-waste in an environmentally responsible fashion, free of charge.


Shipping & Logistics

We provide onsite pickup from your datacenter for working hardware anywhere in the contiguous United States. For Any hardware viable to ship, we’ll send you prepaid shipping labels with free shipping insurance. Even if the assets are damaged, our complimentary insurance will protect you from loss.


Recover Value from Your IT

Depreciation curves are steep in the world of IT. Our It asset disposition experts are very familiar with shifting market value and demand curves. WAiting even just a few months too long can be the difference between getting money back for your equipment, and paying to get rid of it. Call us today to make sure you get the most back for your equipment!

Trust 26 Years of Experience in the IT Industry

With over 26 years of industry experience we know how to maximize and optimize value return for your IT assets. We’ve worked with various government IT and fortune 500 companies for years.

We have returned value on a wide range of equipment including HP, Dell, IBM, and Supermicro servers, storage and networking equipment, memory, processors, hard drives, solid state drives, SFPs, HBA cards…

Whether your IT is commodities scrap or valuable components, our IT recycling process returns value instead of just scrapping everything. You can trust that we’re getting you cash back wherever it’s possible.

Reach a Dedicated Solutions Manager

Kyle Bittner

Vice President, General Manager

Kyle has extensive experience with a wide range of enterprises and IT hardware. Even if your project is large and wrapped in red tape, Kyle will keep your brand safe.

Aric Danis

IT Asset Sales Specialist
Aric knows his way around a data center and takes pride in being dependable. If he’s on your project, you’ll have a solid industry insider who’s always a call away.