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R2 Certified Peace of Mind

Are you in good hands? When you wave goodbye to your old IT as the recycler’s truck pulls away from your dock, where does it really go? Does it matter? Your company’s brand is often considered the most valuable thing it has. When your clients see your emblems, they are reminded of the years of excellence they have provided on their behalf.

What if that reputation was marred? What if your company shows up on the news for leaking sensitive records, or polluting the environment through improper disposal of electronic waste, which leeches mercury, lead, and other heavy metals into the local water supply?

SERI maintains the R2 standard through onsite auditors. So all of our company’s processes and downstream throughputs of material have been audited to be environmentally friendly. It also affirms that our erasure practices meet the National Institute of Standards and Technology guidelines for effective erasure. During our last audit we had zero non-conformities. Ask our competitors if they can say the same.

Certifications We've Achieved

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Our Commitment to You

Onsite Visits Welcome

Talk your boss into doing an onsite audit at our facility in Naples Florida. When it’s frozen up north, it’s a cool 76F here. Meet our staff, see how we turn your excess into money for you, and see our secure hard drive erasure room.

HIPPA Compliant

Regulation that requires downstream tracking and documented data destruction can be satisfied by our R2, or other ISO certifications. For instance, the HIPPA regulation requires that no patient data fall into the wrong hands. We securely acquire, transport, and erase media bearing sensitive data. Remote or onsite destruction may also be available in your area.

ISO Certifications

We have the ISO 45001 (health and safety), ISO 14001 (environmental), and ISO 9001 (quality) certifications that are management systems that focus on maintaining and improving the environment.