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Do you need to sell Dell Equipment such as servers, switches, storage, RAM, CPUs, or Drives?

Exit makes it easy as quote, ship, paid with free shipping, packaging or on-site decommissioning..

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    Sell New or Used Dell Equipment Online

    Trust our thirty years of experience to get paid for your Dell hardware – new or used. Our process is simpler than ever! Just fill out the web form with the type of equipment and that’s it – let us handle the rest. We provide custom packaging for pre-owned Dell inventory and prepaid shipping labels. Just sit back and count the dollars when you sell new or used Dell equipment to exIT!

    exIT Technologies makes selling your Dell hardware simple. Free up office or data center space while making extra money with our user-friendly online process. Participating in the Dell trade-in program is mutually beneficial – you clear space as easy as quote, shipped, paid! You get to say goodbye to unwanted tech, while we handle the logistics so your equipment arrives intact.

    We specialize in fast liquidation of bulk inventories of used Dell servers, RAM and other IT hardware. Make the most of our three decades of expertise as an online Dell purchaser – just complete the form below and get going!

    The Process To Sell Dell Equipment

    Selling New or Used Dell Equipment Is As Easy As

    Let exIT Technologies take the hassle out of selling your Dell hardware. Begin today to declutter and start earning money! Our team is here for you if there are any questions or issues that arise. We’re excited to help you get the most value from your new or used Dell IT equipment investment.

    Fill out the form with information about your hardware.
    Receive free custom packaging materials tailored to your used Dell hardware.

    We mail you pre-paid shipping labels and arrange for a pickup!


    Get paid in no time once your equipment is received and verified!

    Dell Equipment We Buy

    From routers and switches to firewalls, servers, and processors – we purchase both new and used Dell hardware! With the tailored packaging materials that come with our pre-paid shipping labels and a seamless process, you can rest assured your unwanted Dell products are in safe hands. Don’t wait any longer; sell your used or new Dell equipment today for fast payment!

    We Buy Dell Servers

    Let us help you get the most out of your used Dell servers. Our streamlined process and 30+ years of experience make it easy to sell your Dell server, no matter the model or condition. We also offer free packaging materials and pre-paid shipping labels, so all you need to do is fill out the form and leave the rest to us. The server’s value is primarily based on how new it is and the specific module.

    Start selling your used Dell servers online today and get paid fast!

    Dell Servers We Are Looking To Purchase

    We Buy Dell RAM

    At exIT Technologies, we make it quick and easy for you to convert your old Dell RAM into cash. We accept both used and new Dell RAM from the recent generations, so you can get maximum value out of your hardware.

    Dell RAM We Are Looking To Purchase

    We Buy Dell Switches

    Unlock the maximum potential of your used Dell switches with exIT Technologies. Whether it’s a new or old switch, you can quickly and easily convert them into cash! We accept recent generations of Dell switches, so don’t let any remain unused – take advantage now and get more bang for your buck.

    Dell Switches We Are Looking To Purchase

    We Buy Dell Drives & SSDs

    Unlock the maximum potential of your used Dell Drives & SSDs with exIT Technologies. Our team of experts will help you maximize the value of your new or used Dell Drives & SSDs.

    • 002R3X
    • 005J9P
    • 006N23
    • 0072PJ
    • 007FPR
    • 00F9W8
    • 00FK3C
    • 00H6GP
    • 00K20K
    • 00KK92
    • 00RVDT
    • 00VX8J
    • 012GYY
    • 019HJ4
    • 01DCWH
    • 01DKVF
    • 01KWKJ
    • 0202V7
    • 024XV8
    • 02CC4N
    • 02G4HM
    • 02HR85
    • 02M5JK
    • 02R42K 
    • 02T51W
    • 02TRM4
    • 02VH3F
    • 031N08
    • 032GYJ
    • 0394XT
    • 03C46W
    • 03DCP0
    • 03NKW7
    • 03P3DF
    • 03RDJV
    • 043N12
    • 04GN49
    • 04HGTJ
    • 04KG4X
    • 04MNFX
    • 04N6CY
    • 04RYFR
    • 04X1DR
    • 050XV4
    • 0524F4
    • 0529FG
    • 056M6W
    • 058DVD
    • 05JH5X
    • 05R6CX
    • 05WF7Y
    • 05XTFH
    • 061XPF
    • 065WJJ
    • 067TMT
    • 06C10R
    • 06DFD8
    • 06P5GN
    • 06P85J
    • 06R5R8
    • 06R63F
    • 06VNCJ
    • 06VVK7
    • 06WC9DH
    • 06XJ05
    • 0740Y7
    • 0740YX
    • 0745GC
    • 077K16
    • 07T0DW
    • 07WV9W
    • 07YX58
    • 07YXTH
    • 0835R9
    • 08CGTN
    • 08JRN4
    • 08VNWV
    • 08WP8W
    • 08YWH3
    • 0919J9
    • 091K8T
    • 096G91
    • 0990FD
    • 09CF6R
    • 09KW4J
    • 09M5MR 
    • 09PR63
    • 09V4DG
    • 0C3YJM
    • 0C5R62
    • 0C745T
    • 0C975M
    • 0CK3MN
    • 0CP464
    • 0CWHNN
    • 0CWJ92
    • 0D298X
    • 0D35F3
    • 0DGNTV
    • 0DNTWD
    • 0DYW42
    • 0F4VMK
    • 0F510M
    • 0F617N
    • 0FFN1M
    • 0FM501
    • 0FNW88
    • 0FW956
    • 0FWGFP
    • 0FX0XN
    • 0FY4Y0
    • 0G11X0
    • 0G377T
    • 0G613R
    • 0G7X69
    • 0G8774
    • 0GDM8H
    • 0GHPKF
    • 0GKWHP
    • 0GM250
    • 0GPP3G
    • 0GRCT2 
    • 0GTYCR
    • 0GX198
    • 0GY581
    • 0GY583
    • 0H38F7 
    • 0H523N
    • 0H962F
    • 0H995N
    • 0HFJ8D
    • 0HFMNT
    • 0HKK8C
    • 0HR200
    • 0HT953
    • 0HV1TD
    • 0J317F
    • 0J762N
    • 0J770N
    • 0J8NC8
    • 0JN957 
    • 0JU643
    • 0JW551
    • 0K366T
    • 0K4M5W
    • 0K7VW5
    • 0KFJ7G
    • 0KRH17
    • 0KTM9M
    • 0M020F
    • 0M525M
    • 0M5XD9
    • 0M8034
    • 0MCCKT
    • 0MM501
    • 0MTV7G 
    • 0N226K
    • 0NDC09
    • 0NMY6F
    • 0NP659
    • 0NRG1W
    • 0NYF0Y
    • 0P00JM
    • 0P3HC0
    • 0PCFF9
    • 0PGHJG
    • 0PJ0MR
    • 0PTY1P
    • 0R0KXM
    • 0R3YD9
    • 0R727K
    • 0R72NV
    • 0R749K
    • 0R755K
    • 0RC34W
    • 0RDKH0
    • 0RVX9N
    • 0RW548
    • 0RW675
    • 0RWR8F
    • 0RY491
    • 0T4XNN
    • 0T7F78
    • 0T871K
    • 0TCGGM
    • 0TK237
    • 0TN937
    • 0TX8WW
    • 0U007F
    • 0U706K
    • 0U709K
    • 0U717K
    • 0U738K
    • 0UM902
    • 0V2KWT
    • 0V8FCR
    • 0VDPRV
    • 0VGY1F
    • 0VPP5P
    • 0VR92X
    • 0W330K
    • 0W347K 
    • 0W348K 
    • 0W4K81
    • 0W69TH
    • 0W6J6V
    • 0W907G
    • 0WDC07
    • 0WF12F
    • 0WHR0G
    • 0WK0CR
    • 0WMWPW
    • 0WPJY9
    • 0WXVRK 
    • 0X143K
    • 0X150K
    • 0X160K
    • 0X162K
    • 0X829K
    • 0XK111
    • 0XX517
    • 0XX518
    • 0XY986
    • 0Y4MWH
    • 0Y4N52
    • 0Y4VWW
    • 0Y5YV5
    • 0Y6W8N
    • 0Y93Y0 
    • 0YF87J
    • 0YFKXK
    • 0YJ2KH
    • 0YK838 (E2K-UCS-61 (B)
    • 0YP777
    • 0YP778
    • 0YR660
    • 0YY34F
    • 9FS066
    • DP10N

    Why Sell Dell Equipment To exIT Technologies?

    At exIT Technologies, we have the ability and expertise to make selling either new or used Dell equipment simple. Our team is prepared to assist you in converting your hardware into money speedily and conveniently. We provide complimentary packaging materials tailored specifically for your second-hand Dell gear along with prepaid shipping labels so all that’s left on your plate is counting up how much cash you’ll earn!

    Ready to start cashing in? Simply complete the form below and begin selling your Dell equipment right away! Let us help you gain maximum returns on your investment while freeing up room in your office or data center. We can’t wait to support you as you convert used Dell hardware into money!

    Exit Certifications

    R2 Certified Peace of Mind

    OHSAS Certifications

    ISO Certifications

    Our Services

    Best In Class
    Data Erasure

    Experience top-tier data erasure solutions with our best-in-class service. Trust us to safeguard your sensitive information with industry-leading techniques and expertise.


    Simplify your logistics with our managed services. From initial planning to final execution, we handle it all efficiently, ensuring seamless operations every step of the way.

    Onsite Server &
    Infrastructure Teardown

    Trust us with the meticulous teardown of your onsite servers and infrastructure. Our skilled team ensures a smooth process, adhering to the highest standards of safety and efficiency.


    Onsite pickups let customers order online and collect items at a store. This service is quick, convenient, and eliminates shipping fees.


    Let us take charge of your project management needs. With our experienced team at the helm, your projects are meticulously planned, executed, and monitored to ensure successful outcomes.

    Network Discovery and
    Asset Valuation

    Unlock the true value of your assets with our network discovery and asset valuation services. Our comprehensive approach ensures accurate assessment and maximized returns on your investments.

    What our Customers Say

    One of the most challenging aspects of bankruptcy is the uncertainty it brings. The easiest part can be taken care of by partnering with Exit Technologies. To maximize liquidation value, while minimizing disruption to our organization, Exit Technologies provided a seamless and efficient service of liquidating our IT assets.

    Angie Middleton - VP of IT

    Other Hardware We Buy

    Sell SSD

    Sell Memory

    Sell CPUs

    Sell Servers

    Sell HDDs

    Sell GPUs

    FAQs About Selling Dell Equipment

    To sell your used Dell equipment, simply fill out the form on this page. We will provide you with free custom packaging materials tailored to your specific Dell equipment needs.

    When purchasing Dell equipment, we like to stick to a minimum of $1000 in product value. If you are unsure of the value of your Dell equipment, get in touch with us today for a free quote!

    We provide free custom packaging materials tailored to your Dell equipment in order to protect it while being shipped.

    We sell Dell equipment all over the world. We have established trusted relationships with buyers in a variety of countries, so you can be sure to get the best return on your investment.

    Once we have received and verified your Dell equipment, payment will be processed almost instantly.

    The value of your Dell equipment is determined by a variety of factors, including market demand and the overall condition of the hardware. Our team of experts will work with you to determine the optimal price for your equipment.

    We buy all types of Dell equipment, including RAM, switches, firewalls, servers, processors and more.