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We purchase broken Intel i-series Desktop and Xeon E3, E5, E7 Server processors. We can repair broken cap, pads, and bent corners. Instead of getting $4 per pound, get $20-$500 per part. (about 14 in a pound) R2 Certified Repair Process From an R2 perspective, repair is highly encouraged because it keeps product out of the waste stream and saves the resource cost to smelt and rebuild.

With the R2 standard there is a product category, “R2 Ready for Repair” as opposed to the standard, “R2 Ready for Reuse.” And there is ‘downstream refurbisher’ documentation with which to authorize a new repair vendor. We can easily repair processors that are missing a few passives (capacitors and resistors). For processors that have circuit board damage, bent corners or damage to the pins; those are more difficult. Processor repair is usually only worth it on processors worth $75 or more as it takes more engineering resources to repair those.

How to Get Started

You can send us a list of models and quantities for an initial quote. We issue a net 30 purchase order. Within 30 business days we’ll have repaired all the viable processors. And a receiving report will show what we received, what was repaired and tested good, and what failed repair. Depending on your preferences we can either return the non-viable product or send it to one of our downstream R2 recyclers. We can provide any paperwork or certifications, including the downstream refurbisher survey. Let us know what you think, we only need a list to get things rolling. Or if you just want to ship it, we can go through it for you.

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