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    Sell Server Processors & CPUs to exIT and Save Time! 

    Are you looking for the best place to sell server processors? You’ve come to the right place!
    Most of the time, the chips of yesteryear just sit collecting dust.
    But you deserve to get rid of unwanted processors quickly, securely, and for the most value. 

    Read on to see how exIT Technologies can make that happen.

    A Simple, Secure Process

    Selling Server Processors Couldn’t Be Easier (New or Used)

    What We Buy:

    Used, New, Or Damaged Processors

    Even damaged processors have value that can be recovered through with our repair services.

    exIT typically buys IT assets worth $1,000 or more, which can be a combination of used processors, servers, hard drives, and so on.

    If you have one or two items, direct selling on sites like eBay will be your best option.

    We’re happy to guide you to what’s best for you.

    When to Sell Server Processors

    Generally, we advise our customers to sell their processors and CPUs when:

    1. Tasks aren’t running because your CPU is running at 100% utilization
    2. Updates to applications or new software requirements are above the chip’s capabilities
    3. They have already replaced old equipment and are no longer using the processors
    4. The equipment is broken

    Generally speaking a processor or CPU becomes scrap once it is physically broken and yet some value can still be salvaged from precious metals.  

    The amount a scrap CPU is worth depends on its state and what precious metals can be salvaged.  If you provide us with a detailed breakdown of the chip model and make, we can get you an accurate quote.

    If you have bulk amounts of broken processors, contact us to see if we might be able to fix them to increase their resale value. 

    Is It Worth It to Sell Old Processors?

    Selling old processors and CPUs on your own can be time consuming and difficult to get a good selling price, which is why you should consider us to handle the entire process. 

    Because we process bulk orders we can extract value in quantity, we can pay you the highest amount possible for your used equipment.

    How to Sell Used Processors

    To sell your CPU, you should disconnect it from any components and avoid touching it unless you are packaging it for shipping.  A good rule of thumb is remove any wiggle room for any parts whatsoever, but it’s also worth mentioning that standard packing materials aren’t sufficient to protect your used processors during the shipping process. 

    That’s why we provide shipping materials and shipping insurance free of charge to protect the value of your equipment.

    Payment for can be done through check, PayPal or Wire.  The amount your used processors are worth depends on the model and specifications of the components, which is why we need a bit more information from you before giving you a generous offer.

    Sell Intel Xeon E-series Processors

    Sell Intel Core Processors

    Intel Core i3

    Intel core i3

    Intel Core i5

    Sell processors Intel i-series i5

    Intel Core i7

    Intel core i7 sell cpus

    Intel Core i9

    Intel core i9 Sell Processors

    Sell Intel Scalable Processors

    Intel Xeon Bronze

    Intel Scalable Bronze sell server processors

    Intel Xeon Silver

    Sell processors Intel Scalable Silver

    Intel Xeon Gold

    Intel core i7 sell cpus

    Intel Xeon Platinum

    Intel xeon platinum

    Sell AMD Processors


    A Short Explainer Video of Our Services

    How to Sell Your CPUs

    Discover the right time to sell and your best options for What to do with old processors, based on your company needs and the quantity of assets you have.

    Get the free guide


    What’s your [exIT Technologies] purchasing minimum for used IT?

    About $1,000 worth or any combination of used IT including used ram, used hard drives HHDs, used SSDs, used processors or CPUs, used memory or ram, used servers, used computers, used networking, or similar used IT equipment you have to liquidate.

    If you’re not sure if what you have qualifies, just contact us below to let us know what you have and we’ll be glad to help out!

    How to Sell CPUs

    To sell your used CPUs, look for an ITAD company if you have a bulk quantity (more than a few processors). Otherwise, you can use swap, eBay, Amazon Trade-In, or sell locally using Facebook groups or Craigslist.

    Make sure you’ve got good pictures and accurate part information before you listing them online.

    For a more in-depth explanation, we wrote a guide on why and how to sell cpus.

    Where to Sell CPUs

    Depending on your quantity, the condition of the CPUs, and the kind of processors you have, the ideal buyer will vary. For scrap processors that are old and damaged, a precious metals reclamation company or recycler is going to be your best bet.

    For a bulk quantity of working processors that are 5 years or newer, an IT Asset Disposition Company will help you liquidate them wholesale. If you only have a few or less processors, eBay,, Amazon Trade-in, or local options will bring a higher return.

    To learn more you can read our cpu selling guide. If you do have a few or more CPUs, you can fill out a quote right at the bottom of this page and we’ll provide you a free valuation.

    How can I protect my IT equipment in transit?

    Standard packing materials is simply not sufficient to protect your IT assets during the shipping process. We are happy to provide shipping materials for your IT assets and shipping insurance free of charge.

    A good rule of thumb is to leave no wiggle room for any parts whatsoever. CPU and RAM trays should be taped together, servers should be packed in form fitting polyurethane foam, and GPUs should have custom foam boxes. For more information consult our IT packing instructions page.

    Are there restrictions to what processors you’ll buy-back?

    Nope! At ExIT, we’re interested in purchasing old, used, and damaged servers in bulk your company might have in storage. Even those that are no longer active in your network. Get value back from that equipment that’s simply collecting dust!

    What specific processor types can I sell?

    We buy most varieties of both AMD and Intel processors if they are aren’t more than a few years old. However, in particular we buy the following models most often:

    Intel Xeon Processor E5 v4 Family
    E5-2695 v4
    E5-2690 v4
    E5-2687W v4
    E5-2680 v4
    E5-2650 v4
    E5-2630 v4
    E5-2620 v4
    E5-2609 v4
    E5-1650 v4
    E5-1620 v4

    2nd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable Processors
    Platinum 8256
    Gold 6252
    Gold 6248
    Gold 6242
    Gold 6240
    Gold 6238
    Gold 6234
    Gold 6230
    Gold 5220
    Gold 5218
    Silver 4216
    Silver 4214
    Silver 4210
    Silver 4208
    Bronze 3204

    Intel Xeon Scalable Processors
    Platinum 8180
    Platinum 8170
    Platinum 8164
    Platinum 8160
    Gold 6152
    Gold 6148
    Gold 6142
    Gold 6140
    Gold 6138
    Gold 6134
    Gold 6130
    Gold 6128
    Gold 5122
    Gold 5120
    Silver 4116
    Silver 4114
    Silver 4112
    Silver 4110
    Silver 4108
    Bronze 3106
    Bronze 3104

    AMD Epyc 2nd Gen

    Ready to sell server processors but wondering what they’re worth? Get a free quote today.

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