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    Finding the best places to sell computer parts can be a bit overwhelming. The rate at which computers and PC components advance can sometimes make semi-annual upgrades a necessity. And if you’ve updated any aspect of your computer in the last few years, you know you can end up with a host of spare parts.

    But what are you doing with all of that old equipment? Rather than sitting back and letting it collect dust, it’s time for you to see some return on investment and sell your old computer parts.

    Other Hardware We Buy

    Sell SSD

    Sell Memory

    Sell CPUs

    Sell Servers

    Sell HDDs

    Sell GPUs

    Why Should You Choose ExIT Technologies to Sell Your Computer Parts?

    With over 30 years leading in the way of IT Asset disposition, our process is simple, fast, and provides the most accurate valuation of your hardware.

    Your Security Matters

    We take the safety of your company serious. ExIT Technologies is fully HIPAA compliant with R2 and ISO certifications. We securely acquire, transport, and erase media bearing sensitive data. And in some cases, remote or onsite destruction may also be available. In situations where we can’t sell your equipment, we always dispose safely and ethically. Sell your computer parts to a company that values your data security.

    Get Fast Turnarounds on Computer Parts

    Whether you’re dealing with a six month decommission, or need to sell computer parts in bulk yesterday, when you sell your hardware to ExIT, we work with your schedule. However quickly you may need it. Once you receive and accept your quote, we typically process new orders within 24 hours. Additionally, one of our project managers will communicate and guide you through our process every step of the way.

    Industry Leading Hardware Returns

    We’ve had 30 years to not only understand the market value of your IT equipment, but the right connections and vendors who would be interested in buying it. Through our dense remarketing network we’ll find value in computer parts that other companies simply can’t compete with. As specialists in selling computer parts, we’ll process your order and have the most money back in your pocket. Our customers typically receive up to 80% of the wholesale value.

    What our Customers Say

    One of the most challenging aspects of bankruptcy is the uncertainty it brings. The easiest part can be taken care of by partnering with Exit Technologies. To maximize liquidation value, while minimizing disruption to our organization, Exit Technologies provided a seamless and efficient service of liquidating our IT assets.

    Angie Middleton - VP of IT

    About ExIT Technologies

    We specialize in IT asset recovery and believe our customers should receive the maximum value for used servers, processors, memory, networking, and storage assets. But getting rid of any old IT Equipment can be a challenge. With 30 years of experience in the IT Asset Disposition industry, exIT Technologies understands how to make the process simple for you while protecting your bottom line and maximizing your profit.

    FAQs About Computer Parts

    About $1,000 worth or any combination of used IT including used ram, used hard drives HHDs, used SSDs, used processors or CPUs, used memory or ram, used servers, used computers, used networking, or similar used IT equipment you have to liquidate.

    If you’re not sure if what you have qualifies, just contact us below to let us know what you have and we’ll be glad to help out!

    Standard packing materials is simply not sufficient to protect your IT assets during the shipping process. We are happy to provide shipping materials for your IT assets and shipping insurance free of charge.

    A good rule of thumb is to leave no wiggle room for any parts whatsoever. CPU and RAM trays should be taped together, servers should be packed in form fitting polyurethane foam, and GPUs should have custom foam boxes. For more information consult our IT packing instructions page.

    On the secondary market, the brand of the SSD is not typically as important as the density. Samsung, Intel, Dell, HPE, Seagate, etc. are all viable brands of SSD to sell. Regardless of whether you’re selling NVMe or SATA SSDs we will help you get top dollar for your drives.

    For value, it’s less about the brand of server than it is about the model number and the specs of the components. For example, a barebones Dell poweredge r740 without any components in the chassis is actually less valuable than an HPE dl380 proliant gen9.

    We’re interested in new and used graphics card inventory and GPUs of all types, including: Nvidia Graphics Cards, AMD Graphics Cards, MSI Graphics Cards, XFX Graphics Cards, PNY, Saphire, EVGA, and even cryptocurrency mining rigs.

    Where to sell used IT equipment really depends on exactly how much IT equipment and what type of IT equipment.

    When dealing with very small quantities of consumer items like single hard drives, 1 or 2 sticks of ram, used laptop, etc. then direct selling on sites like eBay, Reddit hardware swap, or Facebook marketplace will likely be your best option.

    If you’re selling enterprise-grade IT equipment or large quantities of consumer product, you probably want to source an IT Asset Disposition company like us. Just fill out our get an offer form below with exactly how much of what you have, and we’ll be in touch asap to give you a fair market cash price for your equipment.

    If you’d like to learn more, check out this how-to guide on best places to sell used IT equipment here.

    We’re interested in new and used hard drives of all types, including those from servers, desktops and laptops. On the secondary market, Seagate and Western Digital tend to bring in the most consistent value. But no matter what brand of hard drive you’re looking to unload, from Toshiba to Hitachi and SanDisk, odds are we’ve worked with it before!

    Nope! At ExIT, we’re interested in purchasing old, used, and damaged servers in bulk your company might have in storage. Even those that are no longer active in your network. Get value back from that equipment that’s simply collecting dust!

    We are interested in every type of SSD, including those new, used, and even damaged ones taken from servers, desktops and laptops. We buy SSDs with density from as low as 100GB to several TBs. As long as there is sufficient quantity, we will purchase your used SSDs.

    By brand, we buy Samsung, SK hynix, Micron, Dell, Corsair, Kingston, G.Skill, and others not listed.

    We buy memory made for Cisco, Dell, Fujitsu, HPE, IBM, Lenovo, Supermicro, Quanta, and other systems.

    We buy All DIMM types: LRDIMM, RDIMM, SODIMM, and UDIMM.

    We buy DDR4-3200, DDR4-2933, DDR4-2666, DDR4-2400, DDR4-2133, DDR3-1866, DDR3-1600, DDR3-1333, and DDR3-1066.

    By Capacity, we buy 128GB, 64GB, 32GB, 16GB, 12GB, and 8GB DDR3 and DDR4, though only in bulk.

    For starters, we are R2 certified. This means that all of our processes are 3rd party audited to ensure that we meet certain data security and environmental standards. We’ve also been in business for over two decades as a family owned company, and we have never had a single situation with a data leak or any client have issues regarding their data security. If government institutions and fortune 500 companies can trust us with their data, you can too.