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Buy and Sell New and Used Gigabyte GPU AI Servers

ExIT is the most trusted platform for ITAD services. Whether you want to optimize your data centers for mission-critical applications or improve your high-performance computing (HPC) capabilities with top-notch GPU servers, we provide unparalleled support and services to meet your business needs. We deliver the highest industry standards in data security and environmental responsibility.

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    The Gigabyte GPU AI Server Buyback Process

    Submit Your Inventory:

    Provide us with a detailed list of your high-performance Gigabyte GPU AI Servers and any additional hardware you are looking to sell. We’ll respond within 2 business days with the current market value and a purchase offer, supporting a variety of configurations such as AMD EPYC and Intel Xeon Scalable. Sell Nvidia compute GPUs such as A4000, A5000, A6000, A8000, A100, H100, and GH100.

    If you don’t have such a list ready, we can provide a quote if you send us the following information:

    Secure Your Quote

    Receive a market value quote for your used Gigabyte GPU AI Servers within 2 business days; this offer is valid for one week.

    We will also finalize:

    Finalize the Deal

    Upon acceptance of the offer, we’ll coordinate the shipping or on-site pick-up arrangements. We can be on-site the next day, issuing certificates of data destruction and chain of custody documents, with payment made as per the agreed terms:

    Sell Your Used Gigabyte GPU AI Servers: Streamlined Services

    When you sell your used Gigabyte GPU AI Servers to us, we manage the entire process based on our seamless and secure experience.

    Certified Data Erasure

    We provide FREE on-site shredding, degaussing, or in-rack erasure, adhering to standards like NIST or DoD 5220.22-M, with accompanying certificates of data destruction.

    Certified Electronics Recycling

    We ensure responsible processing and recycling, providing complete downstream documentation for your peace of mind. No need to separate the recyclables from the recoverables — we take the lot off your hands.

    Complimentary Asset Valuation:

    Receive a free market valuation and a swift purchase offer, with generous payment via check, PayPal, or wire. Experience unparalleled value by sending us your list of used Gigabyte GPU AI Servers.

    Managed Logistics: Free Shipping or On-Site Pick up

    We offer secure and free shipping or on-site pick-up, complete with insurance and custom packing materials. This ensures the integrity and security of your hardware throughout the transit. Our free on-site pick-up service comes with a complete, double-verified chain of custody, and background-checked drivers with GPS tracking.

    Server Decommissioning

    We handle the disconnection of all components, ensuring a hassle-free experience regardless of the form factor or the number of processors involved. We’ll take care of any cabling, power supplies, racks, batteries, chillers, liquid cooling setups, etc.

    Free Inventory Validation & Network Discovery

    We offer a comprehensive inventory assessment and reconciliation, guaranteeing that you are compensated for every system and component.

    Trust ExIT For Your ITAD Needs

    Our expertise spans various generations of technology, such as 3rd gen to 4th gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors. Our knowledge is continually updated to incorporate the latest innovations like Instinct MI and Ampere Altra. Our rack servers are designed to meet the demands of mission-critical applications to maximize seamless integration and optimal performance in every cluster of high-performance computing environments.

    ExIT is not just a platform; it’s a gateway to the future of high-performance computing, where every product is a step towards innovation, and every service is a commitment to excellence. Whether you are exploring the realms of 2nd gen Intel Xeon or checking the latest innovations, ExIT is your companion in this journey. We can guide you through the numerous possibilities in the world of high-performance computing.

    Advanced Technology & High-Performance Computing

    Our services are optimized for the highest level of performance computing, supporting the latest NVIDIA HGX and NVIDIA Ampere technology. This ensures that all GPU servers are handled with the utmost care and expertise. Whether you are dealing with blade servers, storage servers, or rackmount systems, we can manage all types of server and storage solutions.

    Industry-Leading Workstations & Storage Solutions

    Our expertise extends to a variety of workstations and storage solutions. Some businesses use NVMe for their storage needs while others rely on DDR for their main memory requirements. We understand the importance of big data and data analytics in today’s industry and are prepared to offer top-notch services for all your storage server needs, including TB and GB configurations.

    Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence

    ExIT specializes in server solutions that are essential for deep learning and artificial intelligence. Our services are tailored to meet the demands of machine learning and AI training. This means that products like NVIDIA Tesla GPU are evaluated accurately for their capabilities in these advanced computing domains.

    Cloud Computing & Edge Solutions

    Our services extend beyond GPUs to cloud computing and edge solutions. Our services ensure that your networking products and systems are well-catered for as part of a cloud infrastructure or deployed for edge computing. We understand the critical role of redundant power and efficient power supply in maintaining the integrity of data centers and cloud networks.

    Rack Servers & High-Performance Nodes

    We specialize in handling a variety of rack servers and high-performance nodes. Our expertise means that every type of rack server, from AMD EPYC server to Supermicro SYS-, is managed with precision and care. Our services are designed to cater to every configuration and we provide ITAD solutions for both Windows Server environments and other operating systems.

    Graphics & Video Content

    Our expertise in GPU servers guarantees that your graphics cards and video content are evaluated accurately, considering the latest advancements in graphics technology and the increasing demand for high-quality video content in various industrial applications.

    Virtual Desktop Infrastructure & Advanced Processors

    Our services are comprehensive, covering advanced processors like the Gen Intel Xeon and the Grace Hopper Superchip. We also specialize in virtual desktop infrastructure. With ExIT, your NVIDIA virtual GPU and other virtual GPU solutions are managed effectively, providing optimal solutions for HPC and AI applications.

    Top Products And Competitive Prices

    In the evolving landscape of high-performance computing, ExIT stands as a guidepost for those looking to shop for top-tier, high-quality GPU servers and workstations.

    Whether you are looking for a single or dual configuration, our product range is diverse. We can satisfy all types of needs so that your business makes the most of current technological advancement. Our PC and workstation solutions are carefully curated and offer high performance and reliability at a competitive price.

    Check our site map to find all your options, each designed to meet specific needs.

    Every order is handled with precision to meet the requirements and expectations of our clients. Our products are not just about providing solutions; they are about creating value for your business in the high-performance computing world.

    Your Go-to-ITAD Platform

    ExIT is your go-to platform for innovative ITAD services. You can sell us your graphic cards, sell us your used servers, or sell us your Gigabyte GPU AI Servers which are essential for advanced applications like big data analytics and AI inference.

    We make a commitment to environmental responsibility, data security, and transparent processes. This positions us as the optimal choice for organizations aiming to leverage the value of their used IT equipment in the ever-changing technological landscape.

    Check out our services and discover how we can help you to improve your network and maximize the value of your used Gigabyte Servers and other IT assets.

    For more information on our services and to explore the potential of your used Gigabyte GPU AI Servers, please contact us by filling out the form below. We are here to help you make the most of ITAD and gain through your experience.

    Your Company’s Reputation is Safe With Us

    Mistakes are not an option with the kinds of organizations we serve. That’s why we adhere to strict data security and disposition methods and ensure an ironclad chain of custody. We are third-party audited, and proudly received zero non-compliances at our last evaluation. Don’t hesitate to ask for references or our audit reports before you sell used servers to us.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We offer competitive prices for your Gigabyte server and other high-performance computing equipment.

    Our focus is to provide top products and ensure that every computer, processor, and data center equipment is evaluated and priced accurately by reflecting the current market trends and the latest news in the high-performance computing domain.

    We realize that your server may host critical and sensitive applications.

    ExIT Technologies employs certified data wiping software to meticulously erase all data from your servers. No remnants of documents, databases, photos, emails, or any business files are left accessible to potential unauthorized access. Our process adheres to accredited ITAD industry standards as we use data scrubbing software to inspect for bad sectors in the server drives and format them. We leave all hardware in a blank state with all information safely and completely erased.

    To guarantee the integrity of the data-wiping process, a final audit is conducted on the server, to confirm the successful erasure of all data.

    As an ITAD services and IT asset value recovery company, we can help with the asset evaluation process, from LAN ports to a 3rd gen Intel rack server.

    Some assets may be suitable for reuse or redeployment. Others may need recycling. We will help you determine which is the case for your servers to help you get the most from your IT assets. We will also help you minimize data security risks and the environmental impact.

    Certainly! When we buy your old servers directly, you’ll receive your quote and payment quickly. As for your security, we back our process with R2, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 certifications, an excellent Trustpilot rating, and thousands of five-star reviews from our customers.

    You can sell ExIT Technologies most kinds of Gigabyte GPU servers, such as:

    • G492 ZD2
    • G292 Z44
    • G292 Z20
    • G492 Z52
    • G293 Z41
    • G493 ZB0