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Reselling old laptops – a firm’s experience

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Businesses want flexibility because the world is fast-changing. Companies like to invest in hardware and staff during good times. But they also need to be able to resell their IT gear when business is slower. Only a company that’s adaptable to swiftly changing economic climates can thrive no matter what the circumstances.

ExIT can help companies ride shifting business flows to maximize their potential and boost their profits. Our team can calculate the value of unused IT equipment and give businesses the cash they need to sustain themselves during lean times.

We pride ourselves on our transparent terms and always keeping our word: when we say we will pay a certain amount for the hardware we repurpose, you can rest assured that’s the amount you’ll be getting. This was particularly obvious in a partnership with a service-based firm that needed ExIT to help them generate capital on a number of unused laptops following a round of layoffs.

Firm makes money from unused laptops

Our service-based client needed to restructure the company as market conditions had deteriorated. A sharp drop in revenue necessitated a reduction in expenses and workforce.

Due to the nature of the business, many people worked remotely on laptops supplied by our client. During the layoff, these laptops were returned and the firm wanted to make the most of their initial hardware investment. The IT equipment they wanted to sell was on the newer side and could easily bring in much-needed revenue to the business.

ExIT offered this client an easy way to cash out excess laptops in a secure way while they were restructuring their workforce. Our approach was based on our standard principles of transparency, honesty, and professionalism.

Delivering IT repurposing services

To save internal IT resources, the firm merely provided ExIT with a vague idea of the product they needed to resell. Based on our experience and past projects, we offered them an approximate market pricing based on the details at hand. We audited the material on the client’s behalf upon arrival and quickly established the value and worth of the laptops.

To save much-needed capital, our client opted for free packing material from ExIT. Part of our services is to give our clients packing alternatives such as free packing material or ExIT’s onsite palletization services, which come at a cost. Our goal is to give all our clients the options that best fit their company and financial expectations.

ExIT erased previous data

An important part of repurposing and recycling IT equipment and hardware is to delete existing data. ExIT uses the latest technologies and certification processes to make sure that all data and information in the hardware we repurpose has been fully removed.

In this case, ExIT tested and erased the systems through our R2v3 certified process and we provided the client with the serialized value and erasure reporting. Our repurposing process is thorough and can easily be tracked by both our technicians and clients.

ExIT stands out from the competition

Our client mentioned that the previous reselling provider had a blind sort-and-settle process where they’d simply get a payout without giving any details. On the last load, the previous ITAD business refused to make any payment for the received laptops, despite them being new and highly usable again. The explanation of ExIT’s competitors was that the laptops were too old to have any real value.

Our client liked that ExIT priced the IT equipment ahead of time and that the final payout was in line with the original pricing. We were transparent and offered feedback throughout the process to help our client evaluate how much money they could earn on their hardware, which they then used to overhaul the business.

ExIT is your trusted ITAD partner

At every step of the way, experienced ExIT project managers answered all of the client’s questions over video meetings, phone calls, and emails. Our straightforward approach provides a custom end-to-end service to ensure projects are executed on budget and on time.

Our clients naturally have certain expectations when they decide to repurpose and resell their IT equipment. Once we have given a quote, we stand by our estimate. That’s how ExIT has become one of the most trusted names in the ITAD industry.

Old IT hardware has a lot of value that businesses can count on. Instead of disposing of it, organizations can make money by hiring ExIT for the recycling and repurposing process. You get value back from your initial capital investment and ExIT makes sure that your computer gear is disposed of safely and responsibly. Contact ExIT today to get in touch with an IT asset disposition rep. You will be connected to an IT Asset Specialist — not a salesperson trying to lowball you before learning your needs. We have years of experience with sensitive contracts and will never sell or share your personal information.

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