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Modernizing Infrastructure: How We Helped a SaaS Provider Move Premises in a Week

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It’s good for businesses to renew their IT (Information Technology) equipment and invest in newer, better, and more efficient gear. But what happens to the old computer gear?

IT hardware such as computers that no longer serve your business needs could still be of significant value to others. It’s not uncommon for companies to disregard the potential worth of these items, often choosing to surrender them to a recycling facility, or even paying for their removal and disposal. However, there’s an alternative solution that can convert these costs into profits.

A top SaaS (Software as a Service) provider decided to modernize their obsolete infrastructure and called on ExIT to repurpose their previous equipment. The assignment was extremely time-sensitive because the client needed to get out of their lease within the week. 

ExIT organized the most efficient and timely repurposing strategy to help our client empty the premises and make the most out of their older equipment.

ExIT experts were professional and reliable

When our client called us, we reached their premises but discovered that they had already hired another ITAD (IT asset disposition) company first. As a result, some of the equipment had already been sold — but never removed from the premises. 

The first thing we noticed was that the computer equipment already sold was labeled accordingly but was still awaiting pickup. Our client hired us because they could not wait any longer for the repurposing and decommissioning stage, as their lease was expiring and they needed to be out of the premises as soon as possible.

Once again, our ExIT experts showed how dependable and trustworthy we are. Even though we had been called on such short notice, we delivered excellent work and developed a streamlined strategy on-the-spot that helped our client.

ExIT gets awarded the project

Once we were awarded the project, we had to think on our feet. By now we knew that our client wanted a one-stop-shop to clear out the old gear that was distracting them from beating their competition. They needed professionals who could work fast and decommission gear in an orderly manner.

ExIT offered a competitive price that covered the full gamut of our client’s infrastructure, including multiple brands and product types, servers, storage, and networking equipment. We knew that our client only wanted to deal with one company that would take care of multiple types of equipment. As always, we went above and beyond to deliver excellent service — something we were able to do thanks to our extensive expertise in the IT repurposing and recycling business.

ExIT’s next-day logistics

Due to the last-minute call, it was too late to coordinate full truck-load transit. As we were pressed for time because of the upcoming end of the collocation lease, our team flew out to pick up the gear. They inspected, categorized, and labeled all equipment before they palletized it and prepared it for shipment. They then drove the truck back to ExIT’s HQ, where we repurposed and recycled the equipment.

Our client thus earned significant revenue on obsolete IT gear and avoided any rent-related costs, while we reused much of their equipment. 

Trust ExIT’s ITAD services

ITAD services offer businesses the chance to monetize their seemingly obsolete technology. ExIT is proficient in dealing with IT assets that may seem outdated for one business but could still be an asset to another. Rather than prematurely disposing of these items, businesses can approach ExIT and transform what was once considered a liability into an unexpected source of revenue.

With our SaaS client, we once again displayed our expertise and responsiveness and proved we are the ITAD business you can trust: when it comes to IT repurposing, ExIT has your back.

Call us today to find out how we can help you turn your outdated technology into a cash asset!

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