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Animation studio ITAD services

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All businesses have different IT requirements, depending on how they need their computer gear to increase their productivity and help them run their company. 

Animation studios are a special case because they work with high-end computers that most ITAD businesses would find hard to recycle and reuse. 

A subsidiary of a major animation studio called ExIT when they decided they wanted to liquidate a location, as they were consolidating offices. As a result, they needed to recycle their IT equipment from that site and make an earning from all that expensive equipment. 

Despite the difficulty of the project, ExIT was capable to offer a very competitive price for the equipment, which we packaged and reused.

Animation studios have special IT equipment

Graphic design and animation studios work with high-end workstations, specialized graphics cards, and industry-specific Wacom drawing tablet systems. While other ITAD companies balk at engaging with such specialized computer gear, ExIT can recycle and reuse such material. We have the right know-how to deal with all types of IT equipment. Businesses across many industries choose us as their trusted ITAD company because we have worked on hundreds of ITAD projects. 

In this particular project, ExIT made an excellent offer to recycle a wide range of common and specialized products including industry-specific graphics workstations, drawing panels, IPS monitors, large displays, VR systems, and mini graphics workstations (HP Z systems). We knew how we could make the most of the equipment and the animation studio received an excellent price for the gear they didn’t need anymore. 

The logistics of specialized IT equipment recycling

Animation studio equipment requires special packaging, logistics, and handling. ExIT was the right partner because we have worked with such computer gear and have established the right strategies and logistics management for such projects. 

The drawing panels, VR systems, and IPS displays required specialized packaging that we provided. This way, our team was able to remove all IT equipment safely. Proper packaging ensures safe transit and full returns on value. Once again, our ExIT experts demonstrated their professionalism and attention to detail. 

To us, it meant another satisfied client. To the animation studio, the solution to a big problem in the best possible way, thanks to a reliable ITAD partner who paid top price for their old computer equipment. 

Trust ExIT’s ITAD services

IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) services present companies with the unique opportunity to generate revenue from technology that may appear obsolete. ExIT specializes in managing these IT assets, which, although no longer useful for one entity, could still provide substantial value to another. Instead of hastily discarding these items, organizations can connect with ExIT to convert what was previously seen as a burden into a surprise source of income.

Our recent collaboration with the animation studio clearly demonstrated our professional expertise and quick responsiveness, further establishing us as a trusted player in the ITAD industry. With our dedication to IT repurposing, you can rest assured that ExIT is your reliable partner. 

Reach out to us today to discover how we can assist you in transforming your old technology into a profitable asset!

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