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We help you sell, move, or recycle your IT so you can focus on doing your job.

Does IT Weigh Your Business Down?

Hard Projects That We Help Make Easy

Data Center

IT Disposal and Certified Recycling

Transitioning to the Cloud

Mergers and Acquisitions

IT Refresh and Liquidation


Our Commitment to You

We'll Come to You

Crucial staff working from home? No worries, we’ll come and do the heavy lifting, just have someone let us in the door and rest easy.

We'll Be Transparent

Get a full picture of your inventory before we begin. As a result, you can have peace of mind before you sign the dotted line.

We Protect Your Brand

We’re R2 certified, ISO 14001 certified, HIPPA compliant, and follow all standard regulations. You’ll never get flak for choosing us.

Our Services

Best In Class
Data Erasure

Experience top-tier data erasure solutions with our best-in-class service. Trust us to safeguard your sensitive information with industry-leading techniques and expertise.


Simplify your logistics with our managed services. From initial planning to final execution, we handle it all efficiently, ensuring seamless operations every step of the way.

Onsite Server &
Infrastructure Teardown

Trust us with the meticulous teardown of your onsite servers and infrastructure. Our skilled team ensures a smooth process, adhering to the highest standards of safety and efficiency.


Onsite pickups let customers order online and collect items at a store. This service is quick, convenient, and eliminates shipping fees.


Let us take charge of your project management needs. With our experienced team at the helm, your projects are meticulously planned, executed, and monitored to ensure successful outcomes.

Network Discovery and
Asset Valuation

Unlock the true value of your assets with our network discovery and asset valuation services. Our comprehensive approach ensures accurate assessment and maximized returns on your investments.

Save Your Bottom Line

Get Cash Back

We’ll recover the value of your hardware through repairs, remarketing, etc. You get a check for the entire value, after service expenses.

Affordable Services

We’re proud to offer best-in-class services to our clients at an affordable rate. It’s our privilege to provide great service to you while keeping your budgetary needs in mind.

How it works


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It’s easy. Fill out a form with your inventory and/or pictures so we can understand your needs.

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We’ll take a look and then let you know how much you could save or get paid. We’ll also give you an estimated time table so you know what to expect. (Or make an informed decision).


Now all you have to do is sign off and relax while we do all the heavy lifting! You’ll have happy shareholders, responsibly disposed of equipment, and a check to match.

What our Customers Say

One of the most challenging aspects of bankruptcy is the uncertainty it brings. The easiest part can be taken care of by partnering with Exit Technologies. To maximize liquidation value, while minimizing disruption to our organization, Exit Technologies provided a seamless and efficient service of liquidating our IT assets.

Angie Middleton - VP of IT

Sell your Equipment!

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Sell Memory

Sell CPUs

Sell Servers

Sell HDDs

Sell GPUs

Reach a Dedicated Solutions Manager

Kyle Bittner

Vice President, General Manager

Kyle has extensive experience with a wide range of enterprises and IT hardware. Even if your project is large and wrapped in red tape, Kyle will keep your brand safe.

Aric Danis

IT Asset Sales Specialist
Aric knows his way around a data center and takes pride in being dependable. If he’s on your project, you’ll have a solid industry insider who’s always a call away.

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