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Looking for a trustworthy vendor who buys dell servers? Look no further. We’ll pay you to take those servers off your hands quickly and securely.

We securely erase all drives for free and issue a certificate of destruction. We’re also R2 certified to responsibly recycle non-viable assets. Fill out the form and we’ll get you a quote within 2 business days.

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    The Dell Server Buyback Process

    Sell Used Dell Servers With Ease With Our Services

    By selling your used Dell servers to Exit Technologies, you are eligible for many services.

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    Sell Servers

    Dell Servers We Buy

    In general, you can sell your Dell Poweredge, Tower or Rack servers under 5 years old to us. However, depending on the model and its components, we might still be able to make you an offer. Please don’t hesitate to contact us
    Typically, we purchase the following models:

    Your Company’s Reputation is Safe With Us


    Trade in your Dell servers before your warranty expires.

    The average standard warranty on a new Dell server usually includes a standard 12 months and additional ProSupport for mission critical/onsite can be extended to 36 months. Once the warranty expires, generally most servers’ repair and maintenance costs become far more expensive than purchasing new.

    A best practice technology replacement policy for Dell equipment means replacing PowerEdge Tower or Rack servers every 3 to 5 years after the warranties expire. Since servers tend to last up to 5 years on average, selling after the warranty expires and before the 5th year ensures higher resale value and the best use of your equipment within warranty.

    On average we observe that the average depreciation value of a Dell server is between 10% to 25% per year depending on the model and components.

    We love Dell and we’ll listen to any offer, try us.

    Dell makes incredibly reliable hardware, but all good things come to an end. Determining how much longer your server will last can be difficult, however Dell provides excellent diagnosis software such as the OpenManage Server Administrator (OMSA) to evaluate hardware issues. Most Dell servers have various LED status indicators such as temperature, PCIe, and electrical which will turn amber if there’s a serious issue.

    You can always check indicator codes on the official Dell troubleshooting page to determine the severity of the codes for different components (NIC, iDrac, power supply, etc..) and call Dell to determine the costs of repairs, at which point you may consider selling the equipment to buy brand new.

    Even if your Dell equipment has reliability, damage or maintenance issues, we encourage you to get in touch with us because you may still be able to sell your server to Exit Technologies or at least some components.

    Payment for used servers can be done through check, PayPal or Wire. The amount your used Dell servers are worth depends on the model and specifications of the components, which is why we need a bit more information from you before giving you a generous offer.

    How to Sell Your Dell Servers

    Discover optimal timing and strategy in our free guide

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    How do I know my data is safe?

    For starters, we are R2 certified. This means that all of our processes are 3rd party audited to ensure that we meet certain data security and environmental standards. We've also been in business for over two decades as a family owned company, and we have never had a single situation with a data leak or any client have issues regarding their data security. If government institutions and fortune 500 companies can trust us with their data, you can too.

    What Kinds of Dell Servers Will You Buy?

    The most common servers we purchase are the 14th and 13th generation Dell Poweredge servers, such as the Dell Poweredge R740 or the Dell Poweredge R730.

    For a more complete list, see below:

    • Dell 14th Generation Servers
    • Dell PowerEdge T440
    • Dell PowerEdge T640
    • Dell PowerEdge R440
    • Dell PowerEdge R540
    • Dell PowerEdge R640
    • Dell PowerEdge R740
    • Dell PowerEdge R740XD
    • Dell PowerEdge R840
    • Dell PowerEdge R940
    • Dell PowerEdge FC640
    • Dell PowerEdge M640
    • Dell PowerEdge C6420

    • Dell 13th Generation Servers
    • Dell PowerEdge T330 Servers
    • Dell PowerEdge T430 Servers
    • Dell PowerEdge T630 Servers
    • Dell PowerEdge R230 Servers
    • Dell PowerEdge R330 Servers
    • Dell PowerEdge R430 Servers
    • Dell PowerEdge R530 Servers
    • Dell PowerEdge R630 Servers
    • Dell PowerEdge R730 Servers
    • Dell PowerEdge R730XD Servers
    • Dell PowerEdge R830 Servers
    • Dell PowerEdge R930 Servers
    • DellPowerEdge FC830 Servers
    • Dell PowerEdge FC630 Servers
    • Dell PowerEdge FC430 Servers
    • Dell PowerEdge M630 Servers
    • Dell PowerEdge M830 Servers
    • Dell PowerEdge C6320
    • Dell PowerEdge C4130

    • Dell 12th Generation Servers
    • Dell PowerEdge R220 Servers
    • Dell PowerEdge R320 Servers
    • Dell PowerEdge R420 Servers
    • Dell PowerEdge R520 Servers
    • Dell PowerEdge R620 Servers
    • Dell PowerEdge R720 Servers
    • Dell PowerEdge R720XD Servers
    • Dell PowerEdge R820 Servers
    • Dell PowerEdge R920 Servers
    • Dell PowerEdge T320 Servers
    • Dell PowerEdge T420 Servers
    • Dell PowerEdge T620 Servers

    Do You Also Buy Dell Storage Arrays?

    We do buy Dell Storage Systems, Including but not limited to:

    • Dell Storage SC9000
    • Dell Storage SC4020
    • Dell Storage SC7020
    • Dell Storage SC5020
    • Dell Storage SCv2000
    • Dell Storage SCv3000
    • Dell Storage SC7020F
    • Dell Storage SC5020F
    • Dell Storage PS6610
    • Dell PowerEdge FD332

    What If I Need to Clear Out Infrastructure As Well?

    If you are decommissioning infrastructure along with your arrays/ storage systems, we are fully equipped to assist with that process as well. Whether you've got a few HVACs or a massive liquid cooling set-up, we've got you covered.

    What info do you need for my servers quote?

    If you already have an updated inventory list with server specs on it that would be ideal. Alternatively, if you can send us a picture of a tag from every model of server you have along with the quantity and a general idea of the components inside, that will be sufficient for a reasonable estimate. If you know the model numbers and can provide details on the components for every server, we can provide a very precise quote for your HP servers.

    What are your Dell servers worth? Get a free quote today.

    Call us at 239-596-2254 or fill out the form below to find out how much your servers are worth.