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    As established wholesalers with decades of experience, not only can we give you an accurate valuation for your lot of computers, but we can also point you in the right direction to sell your computers if we aren’t your best bet. While we do have a $1000 minimum purchase, the minimum can be met in combination with servers, RAM, CPUs, and other components.

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    You deserve to be able to sell leftover computers quickly, securely, and for the most value. As a top IT Asset Disposition company, exIT Technologies can make it happen.

    Our customers receive top value for their computers—while avoiding the eBay fees. And you’ll get fast turnaround. Selling computers online is easy as can be.

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    How To Sell Used Computers

    Discover the right time to sell and your best options for selling computers, based on your company needs and the quantity of assets you have.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    About $1,000 worth or any combination of used IT including used ram, used hard drives HHDs, used SSDs, used processors or CPUs, used memory or ram, used servers, used computers, used networking, or similar used IT equipment you have to liquidate.

    If you’re not sure if what you have qualifies, just contact us below to let us know what you have and we’ll be glad to help out!

    Standard packing materials is simply not sufficient to protect your IT assets during the shipping process. We are happy to provide shipping materials for your IT assets and shipping insurance free of charge.

    A good rule of thumb is to leave no wiggle room for any parts whatsoever. CPU and RAM trays should be taped together, servers should be packed in form fitting polyurethane foam, and GPUs should have custom foam boxes. For more information consult our IT packing instructions page.

    In the modern data center, technology advances at breakneck speed. Because of such rapid advances, when and how to sell old computers, servers, CPUs becomes more and more complicated.

    The good news is that for. every data center that removes a server from active use to replace it with a newer model, there are hundreds of other businesses for whom that retired server might be a perfect fit.

    In general here are some tips on how to sell your old computers:

    • Selling in bulk is optimal.
    • Break retired hardware down to its base components to sell individually.
    • Use an e-waste recycler: recondition parts and extract the precious metals used (plus guarantee data destruction).
    • Sell enterprise-grade switches, routers, firewalls, and management engines.

    All IT resources should be seen as a corporate asset, even when they are planned to be replaced with something bigger, faster, and newer. Selling used computers can offer a valuable revenue source, as long as the company chooses the most effective method for completing the transaction.

    Where a company chooses to sell used computers is just as important.

    A few selling options can include:

    • Local buyers – Depending on the region and willingness to possibly sell to competitors, companies can reach out to supply chain and purchasing vendors directly. And no third party means the possibility of more profit.
    • Online auctions – Using eBay or something similar, companies can set their price, break auctions down individually by product or type, and watch as bidders drive profits. This can be risky depending on market demand.
    • Utilize trusted technology liquidators – exIT Technologies is an example of one of these firms, as we specialize in the sale and re-purposing of a wide range of IT resources.

    Where to sell used IT equipment really depends on exactly how much IT equipment and what type of IT equipment.

    When dealing with very small quantities of consumer items like single hard drives, 1 or 2 sticks of ram, used laptop, etc. then direct selling on sites like eBay, Reddit hardware swap, or Facebook marketplace will likely be your best option.

    If you’re selling enterprise-grade IT equipment or large quantities of consumer product, you probably want to source an IT Asset Disposition company like us. Just fill out our get an offer form below with exactly how much of what you have, and we’ll be in touch asap to give you a fair market cash price for your equipment.

    If you’d like to learn more, check out this how-to guide on best places to sell used IT equipment here.

    We understand that when you sell your computers online, you want to get the best deal in the most convenient way possible. We strive to provide a service that does just that. You don’t have to worry about pricing, fees, or finding buyers like on ecommerce sites. All you have to do is provide a list of what you’ve got and you’ll get a fast purchase offer. We also make shipping effortless and provide all of the materials and labels. Additionally, we’re R2 certified so you don’t have to worry about your data security, and we can take any of your recyclable materials along with the material you’re looking to sell.

    For starters, we are R2 certified. This means that all of our processes are 3rd party audited to ensure that we meet certain data security and environmental standards. We’ve also been in business for over two decades as a family owned company, and we have never had a single situation with a data leak or any client have issues regarding their data security. If government institutions and fortune 500 companies can trust us with their data, you can too.

    Not to worry, we actually specialize in bulk/ wholesale transactions.

    Depending on the situation, we can handle the logistics a few ways.

    If you have thousands of computers and work stations spread across different locations, we’ll need to coordinate with your IT department.

    We want to make sure we help you minimize labor costs. We can handle the majority of the heavy lifting while we rely on your IT staff to direct us and ensure we’re complying with all of the necessary policies.

    For single location jobs that aren’t so complex, we can simply come in and take care of everything for you.

    Selling computers in bulk doesn’t have to be a hassle with exIT, so just drop in a spreadsheet or give a ring and we’ll get the process started.

    Sorry, but we only deal in wholesale.

    If you have a single computer to sell, your best bet is probably just to list it online or trade it in to someone like Best Buy or Amazon.

    Best of luck!