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What is ITAD (IT Asset Disposition)?

ITAD definition and meaning
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Basically, the ITAD definition is simple. ITAD stands for IT Asset Disposition. Another variation you will find online is IT Asset Disposition.

ITAD Definition

IT Asset Disposition is the business of recycling, repurposing, repairing, or reselling of outdated, unviable, or undesired equipment in an environmentally safe and responsible manner.

IT Asset Disposition companies specialize in the processes related to recycling or remarketing IT assets.

At the same time, these companies also focus on mitigating expenses related to IT end of life and maximizing the value of the IT assets.

ITAD’s connotation is often tied specifically to the environmental or compliance impacts of asset disposition.

Clearly the abbreviation ITAD is used ubiquitously for a good reason. The full name is somewhat of a mouthful.

What Is ITAD (IT Asset Disposition ) Able to Do For You?

Information Technology Asset Disposition companies can help you get rid of your excess IT equipment or decommission your data center. And in doing so, they will help you get paid for it (not to be confused with ITAM).

Once they’ve bought your material, they’ll then go through the IT Asset disposition market. They’ll also utilize their own personal end-user network to attempt to recoup as much value from your equipment as possible.

In simple terms, a good ITAD definition is any process related to getting value back for IT equipment.

For a more in-depth ITAD definition and its context, it’s imperative to understand the IT asset disposition market. It’s important to know how ITAD companies go about their value recovery process.

What Is The ITAD Market Like?

The IT asset disposition market is a secondary IT market. It’s used by ITAD companies to remarket the assets they purchase.

Many ITAD companies coordinate with other different ITAD companies to sell the equipment off to the highest bidder.

Some ITAD companies rely on broker bin. Others contact the other ITAD companies directly, and some ITAD companies sell directly to end-users

Choosing the Right Company In the ITAD Market

There are many more than 100 ITAD companies at this point, depending on how loosely you define ITAD.

Because of this, it can seem difficult to find the best choice.

Consider the following scenarios. Regardless of your scenario, there will be features that you most likely will want to look for above all else.

You have bulk inventory and need decommissioning services

You have just a few pieces of equipment and can ship the material yourself

  • Free shipping insurance
  • Fast Processing
  • Open Chain of comms

You have very valuable, sensitive IT in the colo and need decommissioned

  • Highly trained ITAD technicians
  • R2/E-stewards Certification
  • Short Net payment time frames

In all cases, look for an ITAD company that has years of experience. Also, look for one with a reputation for fair dealings.

Don’t hesitate to get multiple quotes and use the competition to your advantage.

IT Asset Disposition For Data Center Decommissioning

A company’s data center hardware may need to be disposed of for many reasons, often due to closure of all or part of the data center.

The logistical challenges of decommissioning a data center are considerable. Deciding on a strategy for decommissioned assets is crucial in the midst of several variables. It’s a bad idea to demolish data center equipment without first establishing an approved plan for its reuse, resell, or secure removal.

Learn more about how exIT Technologies’s Data Center Decommissioning Services can help your enterprise today!

IT Asset Disposition And Responsible Recycling

Although the best-case scenario in ITAD is to reuse redundant hardware, there are still going to be times when disposal is the only option. In these instances, it’s of utmost importance that you ensure compliance with all local, state, and federal regulations that oversee e-waste.

Below are a few tips to ensure your data center handles this appropriately:

  • Make sure your ITAD Partner can answer all of your important questions
  • Request references and examples of previous disposal work.
  • Look for certifications from organizations such As R2 and e-Stewards, both of which impose strict requirements on certified vendors when it comes to recycling practices.

In 2011 Exit Technologies became R2 Certified in response to our customers’ concerns about the global environmental issues inherent in electronic recycling and repurposing. Having the R2 Certified systems in place allows Exit Technologies to certify with 100% accuracy that all data is sanitized permanently from your IT equipment and protects you from having your equipment end up as a pollutant in the environment.

ITAD Services

How to make the most out of them:

  • Provide accurate equipment information
  • Follow vendor shipping instructions very carefully
  • For larger projects, be very thorough in logistics planning
  • Plan IT refreshes in advance to maximize ROI

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