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IT Asset Recovery: What It Is, How It Can Help You, and Which Vendor to Choose

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IT Asset Recovery: What It Is

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As organizations grow and technology improves, information technology hardware must be retired. However, finding a new home for used IT equipment like servers or storage arrays is easier said than done. Often you’ll need to repair the equipment before it can be repurposed. In other cases, there is very little demand for the hardware. While the replaced hardware could always be recycled, recycling your still viable hardware can leave significant value on the table.

In these cases, an IT Asset Recovery service can help you get some of the leftover value out of this retired equipment. Specifically, they can help you repurpose, remarket, or otherwise decommission and liquidate your retired equipment.

How IT Asset Recovery Services Can Help You

So, that all sounds great I’m sure, but how specifically can IT Asset Recovery Services help?

Facilitate Resale or Remarketing

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For starters, these services can use their network of other organizations to remarket the hardware. Typically an IT asset recovery company will know many other contacts that buy and sell IT hardware, if not end-users to buy the hardware themselves. Obviously you would receive much of the purchase value of the hardware.

Resolve Software and Licensing Issues

When trying to resell hardware, in some cases licensing can be an issue, such as with firewalls. Additionally, the equipment may have software or security features that impede its new owners. IT asset recovery companies can help resolve these issues.

They can also help you migrate the equipment elsewhere within your organization and coordinate between departments to make sure the transition goes smoothly. Most organizations do not have the spare IT human resources to coordinate such an event without a hitch.

Which Vendor to Choose For IT Asset Recovery?

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There are quite a few IT asset recovery companies out there. All of them are going to make claims about their capabilities, but there are a few objective things to consider. Unfortunately, some of these considerations will require you to vet the vendors a bit.

Here Are 4 Reasons To Choose exIT’s ITAD Services

Past Projects

Ask each of the vendors you consider for case studies of past projects. Can they refer you to a past client who can corroborate their proficiency? Have they worked with companies similar to yours? Have they dealt with policy restrictions and compliance requirements similar to yours?

IT Asset Recovery

IT Asset Recovery Certifications

There are a number of certifications in this space.

For example, Sustainable Electronics Recycling International, or SERI, maintains the R2 certification standard.

E-Stewards is another major certification standard.

Both require third party auditing.

One of the best ways to get insights into a vendor is to ask them for their certification audit reports. You will be able to see details on every noncompliance in their organization. For example, exIT Technologies had zero noncompliances in their last R2 audit.

IT Equipment Pricing

In addition to the above, there is no reason you can’t submit your equipment for pricing to multiple IT asset recovery companies. You can send over an export from your configuration management database, IT asset management platform, or just a basic equipment inventory report for pricing. However, make sure you include the components in each of the systems and things like model numbers and/or dell service tags.

From there you can weigh the companies’ capabilities, size, reviews/reputation, and the aforementioned factors to make your decision.

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