We Buy Used IT Equipment!

Sell Panasonic Tablets for Cash

Turn your used Panasonic Toughbook tablets into cash with Exit Technologies. Whether you’re upgrading your technology or clearing out unused devices, we offer a streamlined and secure way to convert your Panasonic tablets into valuable resources.

Our process ensures you receive a competitive cash offer, swift handling, and peace of mind throughout the transaction. Get started today and make the most out of your used Panasonic technology.

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    The Process of Selling Tablets


    Send Us A List

    Begin your decluttering and upgrading process by sending us a comprehensive list of the Panasonic tablets you’re looking to sell. This list should detail each tablet’s model number, specifications (like RAM, storage capacity), condition, date of purchase, and accompanying accessories. Clear photos of the tablets are also essential for a more accurate assessment. If a list isn’t ready, don’t worry! We can start with the information you have and provide a preliminary quote based on your descriptions and images.


    Get a Quote

    Expect a competitive quote for your Panasonic Toughbook tablets within 2 business days after we receive your list. This quote reflects the current market value and will be valid for one week, ensuring you have enough time to evaluate your options. For larger batches or corporate sell-offs, we can discuss additional aspects like logistics, data security needs, and specific compliance requirements to tailor the process to your needs.


    Get Paid

    Once you accept our quote, the next steps are simple and swift. We arrange for secure shipping or on-site collection of your Panasonic tablets as soon as the next day. Every step of the process guarantees secure handling, from a documented chain of custody to issuing data destruction certificates if necessary. Payments are made on your terms via wire transfer, check, or PayPal, with advance payment options available for our returning clients to ensure a smooth and trustworthy transaction.

    Benefits of Selling Your Panasonic Tablets to Us

    Competitive Offers

    We understand the value of your Panasonic tablets. By evaluating the specific models and conditions of your devices against the current market trends, we ensure you receive the most competitive offers possible. Our expert assessment considers all aspects of your tablets, including their specifications and overall market demand, to maximize your return.

    Fast Turnaround and Secure Payment

    When you choose to sell your Panasonic tablets to us, you benefit from our efficient payment process. We offer a range of secure payment options tailored to your preferences, including cash, bank transfers, or even store credit. Our fast payment processing means you get your funds quickly and without hassle.

    Eco-Friendly Disposal

    For Panasonic tablets that may not be fit for resale, we provide eco-friendly recycling solutions. Committed to sustainability, we ensure that all components and materials are disposed of responsibly, helping you contribute to environmental conservation while disposing of your old devices.


    Our service is designed around your convenience. We offer various transaction completion methods, including free shipping, local drop-offs, and customized pickup services. Our comprehensive logistics handling means the process is straightforward and requires minimal effort from you.

    What Tablets We Buy

    At Exit Technologies, we specialize in purchasing Panasonic Toughbook tablets. Known for their durability and reliability in challenging environments, Toughbook tablets are highly sought after, and we are particularly interested in these models. Whether you have just one Toughbook or a fleet, we’re prepared to evaluate them.

    We Accept Panasonic Toughbook Tablets in Various Conditions:

    Functional Units

    Operational Toughbook tablets, ready for immediate resale.

    Slightly Damaged

    Toughbook tablets with minor cosmetic wear but still functional, often used in rugged environments.

    Parts Only

    Non-working Toughbook tablets that can be used for parts, helping to refurbish other units or recycle valuable components.

    We provide a focused, expert approach to evaluating your Toughbook tablets, ensuring you receive the best possible return while contributing to a sustainable cycle of technology use.

    Legal and Privacy Information

    At Exit Technologies, we place a high priority on legal compliance and data privacy for each transaction involving your Panasonic Toughbook tablets and other IT assets. We operate in full alignment with industry standards and hold an R2 certification, demonstrating our adherence to strict environmental safety and data security measures. This certification underlines our commitment to responsible recycling practices and guarantees the secure handling of all electronic devices. With us, you can be confident that your data is protected and your disposal practices comply with the best in industry standards.

    About ExIT Technologies

    Exit Technologies stands as a frontrunner in the IT asset recovery sector. For over three decades, we have been ensuring that our customers receive the highest possible value for their used IT equipment, including tablets like the Panasonic Toughbook series, servers, processors, and more. Understanding the challenges and costs associated with disposing of old IT equipment, we have refined our services to simplify this process for you.

    Our extensive experience in the IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) industry allows us to protect your financial interests while maximizing your returns through effective management of the recovery, resale, and recycling of your outdated or excess technology.

    Start Your Free Evaluation

    Are you ready to convert your used Panasonic Toughbook tablets into cash? Contact us today for a free quote or evaluation. We make the process of offloading your old tablets straightforward and rewarding. Let us help you maximize the return on your IT investments with minimal hassle.

    What our Customers Say

    One of the most challenging aspects of bankruptcy is the uncertainty it brings. The easiest part can be taken care of by partnering with Exit Technologies. To maximize liquidation value, while minimizing disruption to our organization, Exit Technologies provided a seamless and efficient service of liquidating our IT assets.

    Angie Middleton - VP of IT

    Exit Certifications

    R2 Certified Peace of Mind

    OHSAS Certifications

    ISO Certifications

    FAQs About Tablets

    After we receive your list detailing the Panasonic Toughbook tablets you wish to sell, you will receive a quote within 2 business days. This efficient timeline ensures you can quickly move forward with your decision.

    If your Panasonic Toughbook tablet cannot be resold due to its condition or age, it will be responsibly recycled. We adhere to strict environmental standards to ensure that all components are disposed of properly, reducing environmental impact.

    No, there are no hidden fees when you sell your tablets to us. The quote you receive is the full amount you will get, and we cover all shipping and handling costs for the pickup, making the process straightforward and cost-effective for you.

    Standard packing materials may not adequately protect IT assets during shipping. To address this, we provide specialized shipping materials and insurance at no additional cost to ensure that your items are safeguarded throughout transit.

    At Exit Technologies, ensuring the security of your data is paramount. As an R2 certified company, our processes are rigorously audited by third parties to maintain compliance with the highest data security and environmental standards. This certification guarantees that your data is handled with the utmost care and professionalism.

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