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1. Send Us A List

Send us a spreadsheet or inventory list of the networking hardware you’d like to sell, and within 2 business days we’ll get back to you with the current wholesale market value and an offer on your hardware. If you don’t have the list handy, we can provide a quote with the following:

System or Part Model Numbers

Date of Purchase and Condition

Number of ports and data transfer speed



2. Get A Quote

You will receive the market value quote for your used servers within 2 business days, and the offer is good for one week. At this juncture we will determine: ere]

Project location(s) and logistics details

Deliverables (such as drives shredded on site, servers palletized, etc)

Compliance, data security, and policy requirements

3. Get Paid

Once you’ve accepted the offer and are ready to sell your used servers, we will arrange for shipping or on site pick up. We can be on-site the very next day. Chain of custody documents and certificates of data destruction will be issued, and payment will be provided according to the terms set in the earlier phase.

Net-5 Payment via wire, check, or PayPal

Prepay for established customers

Total visibility during processing

We had a pretty big data center decom a while back and ever since have been selling ddr3, ddr4, and processors to them for months now. Shipping materials are always on time and payment always comes in within the net terms they specify, usually earlier. Always get somebody on the phone when I call. Would recommend definitely.

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