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8 Best Places to Sell Used Graphics Cards

where to sell used graphics cards
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In a previous article, we covered how to sell your used GPUs. Here, we’ll review where till sell used graphics cards. In addition to the resources listed below, we do also purchase bulk quantities of graphics cards, Processorer, minne, enheter, och servrar as well.

Sell your graphics cards fast and easily

Let’s go ahead and dig straight into our top 8 places to sell used GPU:er!

Where to Sell Used Graphics Cards – Our Top 8 Favorite Places

Here’s the quick version:

where to sell used graphics cards

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Or keep reading for more a more detailed breakdown below…

ITAD Companies

One of the best, quickest, and safest places to sell your used graphic cards to is an ITAD company, like us.

Because ITAD-företag buy and sell used IT all day long, they always have the most up-to-date prices, easiest processes, and fastest ways for you to get paid.

There are two notes you should be aware of before selling to an ITAD company, however.

Note 1: ITAD companies do have to buy and sell for a profit. This means that you will likely make a little less than direct selling, though the counter benefit is trust, speed, and ease. In some instances though, you’ll actually get a higher return as our remarketing network allows us to find buyers who are a good fit.

Note 2: typically ITAD companies do not buy just single parts or the total value of parts less than $1,000. So, if you have $200 worth of graphics cards, this won’t work for you and you’ll need to choose a peer-to-peer network below.

If you’d like to skip ahead of all the other methods and just use a trusted IT partner click here to sell us your used graphics cards.


eBay is always a good option, but they tend to take a pretty steep commission on your sale unless you do a lot of business with them.

You’ll have eBay fees, PayPal fees, and possibly shipping fees depending on whether you want to do free shipping or not.

Expect to lose about 15% to eBay and PayPal through those fees.

On the positive side, eBay is a HUGE network and a great place to sell your used graphics cards and other used IT gear.

They also have some protection measures in place to help prevent fraud on both the buyer and seller side. Remember though, scamming is still possible, so be cautious.

I’d recommend ensuring you take good photos and/or video of you packing your box, with close-ups of the parts, packing label, how well you packed it, and more.

That way, if the buyer tries to claim that you never put the GPU in the box, you’re covered.

Lastly, I recommend only dealing with in the country, and with trusted buyers who have good ratings. This is just added safety to keep you from getting scammed.

Link: eBay Marketplace

Facebooks marknadsplats

Facebook marketplace is another great place to sell your GPU:er, especially in larger cities.

FB marketplace is a simple peer-to-peer network that allows you to list your item for sale with no fees.

Then, buyers will be able to message you about your GPU listing, ask for more details, and arrange an in-person meeting and sell your item.

This platform allows you to sell at whatever price you can get with no fees, so that’s great.

There are a couple of downsides to Facebook marketplace though. Here’s a couple to think about.

First, you could get a lot of messages about your GPU listing with redundant questions. Just make your listing as complete as possible which we’ll cover later in this article.

Next, keep in mind that there is no platform to sell, charge, or ship your products.

This means that you’ll likely need to make time to meet potential buyers and exchange money directly. I advise meeting in public areas and not your home or work.

Lastly, there are lots of scams involving checks and credit cards in peer-to-peer networks like this, so I advise only taking cash to avoid these scams.

Here’s a quick link on how to use Facebook Marketplace.

Reddit: Hardware Swap

There’s a huge community of both gamers and crypto miners here, so this is a great place to sell your graphics cards as well as trading!

This is another peer-to-peer network, but in this case, most people expect you to ship things to them.

There are some general rules and such they post about how this board should be run and what’s expected of you as a member. Be sure to read in more detail.

Make sure to be honest about the condition of your equipment, as they will penalize you for dishonesty and potentially ban you from further transactions.

These guys do a fairly good job of policing themselves and keeping would-be scammers out, but still, do what you can to watch out for scams.

Link: Reddit: Hardware Swap

Reddit: Miner Swap

This Reddit is similar to the above one but is a more specialized community only for miners.

If you have the Nvidia GTX 1070 or better, or most any of the AMD GPUs it is probably worth checking this out.

The mining community generally prizes efficiency (hashes per watt specifically) over power in general, but when selling secondhand it all comes down to what you’re selling at what price.

Similar to the above Reddit, they have their own rules and scam guidelines, but if you’re a miner, this is a great place to sell your used graphics card!

Link: Reddit: Miner Swap


Amazon can be good for selling your equipment quickly, but also generally is not going to get the best prices for your equipment.

Also, Amazon’s process is much more complex than say eBay.

Because of that, it is not one of our top recommended places to sell your used GPU.

However, Amazon is obviously a giant in online sales and they are a trusted site, so if you sell through them, you can expect a fairly quick sale and no scams!

Amazon also has a trade-in program that you may qualify for if you’re looking to upgrade your GPU instead of outright selling it.

Links: Amazon Used FAQs | Amazon Trade-in

Facebook Mining Groups

Next on the list is Facebook Mining Groups.

This option is good for connecting with miners, some of whom may want to buy/sell/trade graphics cards.

However, since we’re talking about Facebook Groups and not the market place, this means you’ll have to search for these groups yourself, then join the group.

Only then can you start engaging and posting about selling your used graphics card to see if anyone is interested in buying it.

So, while this is an okay option, we only recommended for those who are really looking to find the best price for their equipment and don’t mind spending a bit of time.

Also, same scam warnings as all other peer-to-peer networks apply.

Just log in to your Facebook and search for groups to get started.


Speaking of scams… Be wary. Very wary. Craigslist is a haven for scammers of all types.

If you use Craigslist, always meet in a public place and do cash transactions only.

Do not ship anything. Do not do wire transfers ever or any other electronic forms of payment through Craigslist.

If anyone is immediately willing to pay you over your asking price, run fast and run far! This is one of the most common scams on this site.

Sob stories abound about why they need to use Paypal or ship to wherever because they or their spouse are in the military is another one.

Make sure to only spend your time on the real leads, which are people willing to pay cash and meet you somewhere.

Lots of people will lowball your price here.

Link: Craigslist

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Considerations When Selling GPUs

When you’re selling your used equipment, like GPUs or anything else really, there are some considerations you need to make. Here are a few of our top recommended considerations:

Risk / Trust Factor

So, as you can tell from the above, some of these places to sell your used GPUs are super safe and well trusted, while others are so scammer-ridden, they may just be waste of your time.

Losing your money or your time isn’t a good thing, just carefully evaluate these risks when making your choice.

Platform Comfort Level

Another thing that comes into play when selling your used GPU is your comfort level of the platform.

For example, if you already sell a ton on Amazon, well then maybe just stick with what you know. You’ll have a lower learning curve, which means less time and effort, and that means better value!

If you plan on selling a lot, it’s also probably worth your time to just stick with one platform.

Value / Money

Each platform has its own pricing trends and what their users are willing to pay.

If top dollar for your used graphics card is a top concern, then spending some time checking prices on each platform is wise.

Keep in mind that the more direct options will give you the highest returns, but they also have higher transaction risk. 

As mentioned previously, if you have over $1,000 in resale value for your equipment then you can also consider selling to an Information Technology Asset Disposition (ITAD) company such as exIT (us) or one of our competitors.

This would make your process much easier and simpler but generally won’t give as much of a return as selling to the end-user.

Time to Sell

Time is the only thing in life you never get back or get more of so I believe this should be a consideration in selling your GPU.

When you have well over $1,000, you can choose a company like us and we’ll do all the heavy lifting for you.

If you’re on the border of that $1,000, then you should just carefully weigh your time to value and see what works.

For hardware lower in value, then you should look into an option to sell your GPU that is safe and won’t take too much of your time.

Keep in mind that regardless of platform, there are some things to keep in mind for presentation. For example, listing description, photos, and packaging up your graphics card are important and take time.

Write a Complete Listing

Speaking of listing, the accuracy of your listing plays a major part in selling your used graphics card regardless of where you choose to sell it!

You need to ensure that you have at least the following:

  • Brand, model, & part number
  • Specs like the number of cores, memory and bandwidth. Listing full manufactures specs here is a good idea!
  • Complete and accurate condition of the GPU including age, use, and working condition.
  • How it will be packaged and shipped
  • Lots of detailed photos
  • Any other notes you can think of

Bottom line is this when selling your used graphics card, you need to create trust and there’s no better way to do that then being 100% honest and transparent with what you have.

Package GPUs Well

I’m sure that you don’t want that expensive GPU of yours turning into a paperweight!

So you need to package your GPU very well!

I recommend using the manufacturer packaging if you still have it. This also provides another layer of trust.

If you don’t still have that box, then here’s a quick video we made on how to properly package your used GPU that will keep it safe until it gets to your seller.

Wrap Up

Knowing where to sell your used Grafikkort can be tough, but we hope this article gave you some additional insight to help you along the way.

If you have any other thoughts or ideas on places to sell those GPUs, please let us know in the comments below.

And, if you need help selling your GPUs, just click here and fill out this form and our team will be glad to help you out!

Additionally, we’ve put together a few answers to frequently asked questions below:

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