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Data Center Migration Tjänster

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To meet the growing demands on IT organizations, thousands of enterprises migrate their data centers every year, but not always successfully. These initiatives are infrequent and difficult undertakings that have serious repercussions for every level of the business. To avoid any pitfalls, comprehensive planning is crucial for perfect execution without business disruption. That’s where data center migration services are needed.

By partnering with a migration specialist like exIT Technologies, you can reduce project strain on your company by leveraging the experience from thousands of projects and over 25 years in the industry. That is why companies of all sizes trust exIT when searching for data center migration services.

How We Bullet-Proof Your Data Center Migration

With the sheer size of data center migrations, errors are all too common. For this reason, we utilize customized automation tools to meticulously map every dependency between applications, servers, and storage. When combined with a physical audit, this map prevents any surprises down the line while reducing the duration of the discovery phase by several weeks.

Complete Managed Logistics

Getting servers from point A to point B can be nervewracking, but not with exIT! Assets are tagged to ensure that everything finds its proper place at the end of the data center move. Further, all assets are carefully packed and padded to prevent any damage in transit. All drivers are thoroughly vetted, and custom logistics options are available upon request.

Technician Manpower

Our technicians can deal with the grunt work so you don’t have to! All of our technicians and contractors specialize in data center contracts specifically; no need to worry about movers that don’t understand the fragility of IT equipment. All team members have been vetted and proven reliable in past data center relocation and migration projects.

R2 Certified E-waste services

For any of those assets which you need decommissioned and removed, we provide a complete of R2 certified, environmentally compliant electronic recycling services. We’ll get every scrap of value out of your equipment, and then handle rest of the scrap for you with complete R2, ISO 14001, and ISO 18001 certification.

Vad vår Kunderna säger

En av de mest utmanande aspekterna av konkurs är den osäkerhet som den medför. Den enklaste delen kan tas om hand genom att samarbeta med Exit Technologies. För att maximera likvidationsvärdet och samtidigt minimera störningarna i vår organisation erbjöd Exit Technologies en sömlös och effektiv tjänst för att avveckla våra IT-tillgångar.

Angie Middleton - VP för IT

Get A Free Migration Readiness Evaluation

It never hurts to get a second opinion, especially with something as critical as a data center migration.

We use agent-less discovery tools remotely to build you a free audit: you’ll be given a very accurate map built using specialized business rules to help make sense of your environment.

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Kyle Bittner

Vice VD, General Manager

Kyle har lång erfarenhet av ett brett spektrum av företag och IT-hårdvara. Även om ditt projekt är stort och omgärdat av byråkrati kommer Kyle att skydda ditt varumärke.

Aric Danis

Specialist på försäljning av IT-tillgångar
Aric vet hur man arbetar i ett datacenter och sätter en ära i att vara pålitlig. Om han är med i ditt projekt får du en gedigen branschkännare som alltid är ett samtal bort.