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Überschüssige IT in Wert umwandeln: Eine Fallstudie über einen Schulbezirk

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As a leading technology company specializing in IT asset disposition, ExIT is committed to making it secure and easy for data-driven organizations to liquidate IT gear they no longer need. Our purpose is simple: We take your used IT equipment, recycle or resell it, and in the process, add value to your organization.

Our Partnership with a School District

Recently, we collaborated with a school district of over 30 schools, serving more than 25,000 students. We worked directly with their Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and team members responsible for packing and releasing the freight.

The school district was in the process of overhauling its Wi-Fi networks, replacing all its Aruba networking switches and Wi-Fi access points with Cisco equivalents. 

Previously, they used to give away their IT gear for free. However, with ExIT, they discovered a profitable alternative: now they are earning hundreds of thousands of dollars for the same equipment. As of writing this case study, we are halfway through the project and have already remitted $145k across 10 facilities.

Unser Prozess

We started by providing the school district with the market value of their equipment. This evaluation gave them a clear understanding of the potential return from their excess gear.

Understanding the workload of the school district’s IT department, we provided packaging materials and clear instructions to their onsite teams. This made it quick and easy to prepare the material for transit. They simply placed the equipment into secure pallet boxes, and our team picked up the gear by truck.

Once we received the gear, we ensured the security of the sensitive network routing information and logs present on the equipment. We cleared this data using PuTTy, an application used to communicate with networking hardware devices using a serial connection, and produced detailed serialized logs.

After ensuring data security, we tested all equipment and made any necessary repairs. We provided the school district with a full audit report of the equipment received, testing status, and values. Moreover, for non-viable items, we offered R2v3-certified recycling.

One of the key advantages of our service is that we serve as a one-stop shop, eliminating the need for separate logistics, recycling, ITAD, and resale firms. This allows organizations like the school district to switch from the tedious process of working with 5 different providers down to just one.

Finally, we issued payment for the discarded equipment’s value. The school district preferred company checks over ACH, and we were able to accommodate their preference. It took about two weeks from the gear’s arrival to issuing funds and reports.

Here’s what the school’s district CTO  had to say:

Exit Technology efficiently provided packing and logistics at our various sites across the district, while also providing same day pick-up of our retired equipment. We were provided with receiving and testing reports within the time stated along with value recovery for equipment. All in all it was a very smooth process.

The ExIT Difference

ExIT prides itself on being more than just an IT asset disposition service. We go beyond the call of duty to ensure that IT departments are free from the distraction of dealing with ‘trash.’ We handle the logistics, compliance, and resale processes so they can focus on what drives their business.

Our logistics services decrease the workload of personnel and decrease the risk of product damage in transit through professional packaging. With our R2v3 certified erasure, organizations can rest assured that their data is properly destroyed and their brand image protected.

By offering a cash value for excess IT gear, we provide a budget-friendly alternative to paying a recycler or ITAD company to dispose of the equipment. In the case of the school district, we turned their excess IT gear into a source of substantial revenue.

At ExIT, we believe that one organization’s ‘trash’ can indeed become its treasure. We are proud to have supported the school district in its journey of transformation and look forward to continuing our partnership.

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