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Hard Drive Data Recovery

Free Unless We Recover Your Data.

We Are SSD & Hard Drive Data Recovery Specialists

exIT-Technologien provides hard drive recovery on all major hard disk drives, including internal and external hard drives of all sizes, makes, and models. Our data recovery engineers have years of experience in retrieving business and personal files from servers, desktops, laptops, and USB drives.

At exIT Technologies, we offer a free evaluation and estimate for the cost of recovering the data. Drives can be personally delivered or mailed to our facility in Naples, FL for a quick estimate.

24-Hour Turn Around

Losing critical business or personal data can be stressful, get your data back fast!

High Success Rate

Don’t trust your data to just anyone, recover deleted files in one piece the first time. We have engineers onsite with years of file recovery experience every business day.

Kostenlose Bewertung

We’ll let you know if we can fix it, how long it will take, and how much it will cost at no charge. And if we cannot recover the data, there is no charge.

About Our Hard Drive Data Recovery Services

We can recover data from any of the following hard drives and manufacturers, including but not limited to:

If a hard disk is inaccessible, our engineers will test the components and closely examine drive elements to determine the extent of physical damage. These steps enable us to lay out a course of action for the hard drive.

And in the event we are able to recover the data but the drive has failed then we will send you the data on a USB drive (size permitting) or upload all your data to a hard drive from our warehouse.

How Much Does Hard Drive Data Recovery Cost?

Turnaround Time & Pricing

Normal evaluation, production, and turnaround in 24 hours.

Prices can vary, but a professional analysis of the drive will provide a true cost estimate.

Example Pricing*

*Based on standard repairs, advanced repairs may cost more. You will receive a quote prior.

Unser Prozess



Contact us and then send us your damaged hard drive for a free evaluation and analysis.



Our data recovery experts determine whether your data is salvageable and give you a fair and reasonable data recovery quote.



exIT Technology engineers will recover your data using highly sophisticated techniques in addition to proprietary equipment and software.



After we validate that the data was recovered successfully, we’ll place it on a free shipping container for secure transit back to you.

We Know that Data Loss Can Be A Stressful Time

Without the proper backups, you can lose a lifetime of family photos or years of data for your business. You should always backup all data to another storage device or ideally to a cloud-based service on a regular basis. If you did not plan accordingly and your data is “gone,” we are here to help.

Data loss can be easily overcome if handled correctly. 99% of all “lost” data is recoverable and we are here to do exactly that. Whether you need to recover deleted files on Windows 10 or an old Mac, we know your data is important and we will do everything we can to successfully recover it. This is our peace-of-mind promise to you.

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