7 Steps to Selling IT Equipment

By exIT Technologies Inc Author: Jeff Bittner

1: Out With the Old

Nobody likes to have computers or servers laying around

2: What You've Got

Before you can sell off that IT hardware, you'll need to have a detailed list for your buyer

3: Making the List

3: Making the List

You can take pictures, make a spreadsheet, or download your inventory log

4: Details Matter

Don't forget details! Brands, model numbers, storage density, form factors, dell service tags, part numbers, condition, and all component info thereof is all useful for buyers!

5: Finding a Buyer

For Bulk Sales, Look for ITAD Companies

For small deals, check hardware swap on reddit, eBay, facebook marketplace, etc.

6: Making the Sale

When you agree on a price, get everything in writing and make sure you use a payment platform with seller protections! Always be honest about hardware condition

7: Shipping

Use specialized shipping materials for all product and pack VERY tightly. RAM, drives, CPUs, and other components easily damage in shipping. Don't forget shipping insurance either!