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Liquidation des équipements informatiques après l'acquisition : Étude de cas d'une société PaaS

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Technology, such as computers and other IT (Information Technology) equipment, that may have outlived their purpose in your company may still hold considerable value for others. Often, businesses overlook the latent worth of these assets and choose to donate them to a recycling service or even bear the expense of having them removed and discarded. 

However, there’s an alternative approach that can actually generate revenue instead of causing an outflow of resources. ExIT experts can work under the tightest timetables to help businesses repurpose their old computer gear and earn revenue from obsolete IT equipment.

Our dedication to smooth and professional service was proven once again when a major PaaS (Platform as a Service) business needed to liquidate duplicate assets post-acquisition. They called ExIT and asked us to come, inspect, and liquidate any unnecessary equipment. This way, they were able to both gain revenue from their obsolete gear and run their business in a streamlined fashion.

ExIT helps a major hosting provider

A major hosting provider with almost $1 billion in revenue acquired an ailing public cloud provider, only to find out that part of the insolvent company’s IT equipment was incompatible with the platform they used.

Once they migrated the end customers to their own platform, they had a lot of infrastructure left over from the acquired company. They trusted ExIT to secure and liquidate the gear incompatible with their existing platform.

Speedy IT equipment repurposing

ExIT worked round the clock because our client needed to exit a collocation lease and had a tight timetable to stick to. With time being of the essence, they counted on ExIT to deliver professional ITAD services in the most efficient way possible.

Smooth service from ExIT

ExIT dispatched an on-site team to extract fifty racks of IT hardware across multiple sites to meet the tight deadline. Our experts set out a plan with a clear strategy on how to work across locations in the most cost-effective and time-sensitive way. Working across sites in this manner required the kind of coordination and experience that ExIT repeatedly has proven to possess.

ExIT repurposed lesser-known IT equipment

While many ITAD companies would balk at repurposing SuperMicro networking and storage gear. Most IT asset disposition (ITAD) companies prefer to repurpose, recycle, and reuse IT equipment from Dell or HP because they are easier to move, more common, and more profitable. 

ExIT professionals, though, have extensive knowledge and expertise in this brand and its technology. Our experts successfully removed all unwanted IT gear, equipment, and computers and managed to repurpose them.   

Trust ExIT for timely ITAD services

By engaging with a company like ExIT, businesses can convert their seemingly redundant technology into a source of income. ExIT specializes in dealing with technology that may appear outdated for some, but can, in fact, be beneficial for others. 

When the clock is ticking, ExIT experts can deliver swift and professional ITAD services to any business, even across several locations and sites. With careful planning and strategy, we will extract all of your unwanted IT equipment just like we did for our PaaS host client.

Our 30+ years of experience in the ITAD field mean that we can repurpose unfamiliar brands and equipment that other companies would find difficult to handle. Our client earned money for their equipment and ExIT managed to repurpose this gear in the most efficient way. We are proud to have supported their growth and look forward to continuing our partnership.

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