IT Asset Disposition Services: How, What, and Why

Author: Kyle Bittner

1: How ITAD Helps

IT Asset Disposition services help companies handle IT end of life easier

2: What ITAD Does

ITAD services Include:

1. Hard Drive Data Destruction

2. Electronics Recycling

3. Purchasing for Unnecessary IT

3: What ITAD Does Cont.

ITAD services provide:

5. Lease Management

6. Help Getting Out of Colocations

7. Cloud Migration Assistance

8. IT Asset Repairs

And Much More!

4: Why ITAD Is Important: Fines

Violation of data and environmental regulations carries steep costs!

6: Why ITAD Is Important: Bad Press

When you have visibility of your downstream waste, you protect your brand

7: Choosing the Right Vendor

Ask for certifications, client referrals, processes, audit reports, etc.