Data Center Decommissioning Checklist

Reduce risk and protect your brand

Author: Jeremy Schaller

1: First Dialogue

Identify, engage, and set up channels for communication with all relevant stakeholders (make a contact list early)

2: Planning

Then, assign a project manager, develop a budget, write out a detailed scope of work, and create a timetable estimate

3. Network Discovery

As inventory logs easily become out of date, map your network with a quality network discovery tool

4. Physical Discovery

Automated tools can easily miss important network assets, so it's important to do a thorough physical audit

5. Double Verify

Many times, physical audits miss assets; have every audit item double verified by someone else

6. Cross Reference

Now reconcile your physical audit against your network audit to validate your inventory list

7: Compile Map

Make your tangible hardware map: location device name, IP address, vendor name, model, hardware technicals, software assets, etc.

8. Expert Review

Review the map with all CMDBs, discovery outputs, and physical audits with experts

9. Finalize Map

Final meeting of the minds to finalize all dependencies with hardware, VMs, infrastructure, software etc.

10: Action Steps

Put together the implementation plan. Who will do what? What needs to be avoided? Final asset destinations?

11: Commission Equipment

Commission tools like fork lifts, pallets, packing foam, hoists, tip guards, etc.

12: Asset Tagging

Tag everything for future location, processes, and responsibilities

13: Cancel Contracts

Cancel maintenance contracts for anything you won't be keeping

14: Backups

Create, test, and run simulations on your backups to validate your disaster recovery plan (optionally erase drives at this point)

15: Disconnect Equipment

Pull equipment from subnets, firewalls, ACLs, etc., and cut power to everything being decom'd

16: Pull From Racks

Using tip guards and other safety equipment, remove all relevant racked hardware

17: Verify Documentation

Ensure all security policies, data erasure, etc., have all been fulfilled with a comprehensive paper trail

18: Pack/Palletize

Crate with cut-to-fit polyethylene and don't use standard freight shipping, as it is insufficient

19: Asset Disposition

Choose an ITAD company to help repurpose, recycle, or resell any equipment that isn't needed


Your Decommission project is complete! 

exITAuthor: Jeremy Schaller

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